What amp. to use with Totem Forest?

Picked up Forest speaker last night. I am currently using a Hafler XL600,lots of power. I would like hear what poeple are using.
I have the perfect amp for such accurate speakers! the Belles 250watt amp. This would be a perfect match. This amp is highly recomended with Merlin speakers for it's flat response. The Totems could use the extra power also.
At the Stereophile Hi-Fi show in New York, Totem Acoustics was demonstrating their speakers with the Plinius 8200 mk. 2 integrated amplifier and the room was packed everytime I went in to try and hear them.
...Hawks were driven by Plinius 8200 and Forests probably by fancy looking Nuvista?
I use with Forests VTL MB100 and feel that it's sufficient enough. They're not so tough to drive since they don't have large impedance falls. I've heard them driven by Pathos TwinTowers 35W/ch successfull as well.
Actually, at the show the Forests were driven by a new integrated amp from Totem. Far-out looking. I have no idea when it will be available or at what price.

The sound was great in the Totem room, but I suspect another reason it was always packed was the demonstrator (I'm not referring to Vince).
Have had my Forests driven by Odyssey Stratos Monos for a couple years. Had been running things through a B&K AVR202 receiever until recently when I took the receiever out of the chain and ran my new Ah! Tjoeb 4000 directly into the monos. The Forests sound much more dynamic, and the presence and resolution is much improved.Just now fully appreciating what the Forests(and monos!) are capable of, and am astounded by the bass response good ss amps produce from these speakers. Have taken the subwoofer out of the system for 2 channel. Drubin- Was the demonstrator a petite Italian gal? Don't get me started.
At the Stereophile Hi-Fi show in New York, Vince Bruzzese used Totem's own "Amber" integrated amplifier to drive the Forests. Vince told me that Totem designs its speakers to sound good with a wide variety of amplification, but would sell an Amber to anyone who wanted one. I didn't ask him how much it cost, but thought I remembered seeing it priced elsewhere around 4-5K.

After Vince demoed the Forests/Amber, I stayed on to hear the Hawks driven by the Plinius 8200 Mark II (which he also used to drive the Model 1 signatures).

Fantastic sound from every model, and very hard to pick a favorite.
I know that Totem and Sim are thought to like each other. I also heard the Forest driven by Classe to great effect. Go Canada.
I would like an amp. with a remote volume control. What about the stuff from Krell? I am only using one digital input(Sony DVP9000es).

I would suggest getting Plinius 8200 integrated amplifier that is probably the most valuable integrated amp that can beat separates in its price range. Krell/Forest combo seems to be too edgy and too bright to me.
How would the Anthem Amp 2 Spec Edition work with the Forests? I don't have the dollars for the Plinius at this time.
...than more reasonable will be bryston 3b-st that you can later-on add another one to use them in horizontal bi-amp.
Bryston does its minimalistic job perfect and doesn't cost $$$$$.
I am going to bi amp the Totems1 with two Conrad johnson Sonographe SA250 soon.What will be a good choice of a pair of biwire speakers cables to drive the totems and produce something warm, sweet treble and wide soundstage. Your help on some makes will be apperciated.

Noel (malaysia)
I very much enjoy my Plinius 8200 mk with my Forests.
I've got mine hooked up to a Conrad Johnson MF-2200. I'm waiting for a matching pre to finish the package. Probably the Premiere 14 , or PV-14.
The PLINIUS 8200 Mk II integrated amp - i also was at the NY Sterophile show. WONDERFUL sound, and yep - the room was always full of people just enjoying.
I asked Vince why he chose an integrated direct into the speaker...other rooms had big super-expensive, exotic preamps and separate amps demo'ing their speakers. He just said that the Plinius integrateds (and separate amps) went well with his products. He just liked the sound. Me too.