What amp to use with a Lamm LL2

My system starts with a Sony ca70es cd player into a Musical Fidelity a3/24 DAC into a Lamm LL2 pre into a Rogue 88 power through Joseph ra25si speakers. Anyone have experience with the Lamm? What power amp works well with it. I'm assuming that the Rogue is the weakest link now in the system.
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I had been using an Audio Research Classic 60 and recently upgraded to the Audio Research VT100 Mk III. Both work great with my LL2. The VT100 adds more fullness to the sound stage and more authority in the bass but both are great amps. My speakers are Wilson Benesch A.C.T. Ones.
The Lamm LL2is a real nice preamp. I replaced a Hovland HP100 with the Lamm and feel that the sound has more body and weight. I am currently matching it with Lamm ML1 monos and of course it matches well as it should. When I first got it I was using with Sonic Frontiers Power 3's and it worked well with those. I think that this preamp would match up well with alot of other amps except maybe those that are designed to perform best in balanced mode.
Lamm M1.1's of course or M2.1 if you need 200 watts. I've owned both and currently have M1.1s.
I agree with Cytocycle, if you can swing the ML1.1 and it has enough power for you then that's the way. Otherwise the M2.1 runs all Class A to about 30 watts. I currently own M2.1s with my LL2 sourced by an Accuphase DP77 and Piega C10 Limiteds through Siltech Classic cables. We're talking music here!
I settled on the Art Audio Jota. It adds authority, especially in the low end, and gives the notes a fullness that wasn't quite there. The change was less dramatic than when I replaced my old Rogue 66 with the Lamm but it adds more of everything: detail, stable imaging and authority.