What amp to tame Eggleston Works Esotar Tweeters?

My speakers are Eggleston Works Andra ll and Andra center. My rears and sides are also EW. My processor and amp are Lexicon MC12B and LX-7 (made by Crown). 99% theater use in a 7.1 system. Left speaker 25', center 17' and right is 10'. My room is fully treated.

The problem is the Eggleston Works speaker Esotar tweeter are very revealing and I am sure the Lexicon amp is not helping any either. My ears are very sensitive to high frequency sound such as edgy treble.

I may change out the LX-7 amp for an Ayre 7xe, Mcintosh or a Sanders ESL, Classe or Rogue Audio Medusa amp... to also help smooth/warm up the sound a bit. Feel free to comment on which amp I should go with or others not listed.

My speaker wire is: xlr JPS Aluminata and Super Conductor 3 with Aluminata power cords. My line conditioner is a Furman It-Ref 20 i.

I'm not familiar with Lexicon components but suspect it's the POSSIBLE culprit. I've used many SS and tube amps / preamps with the Andra II and never experienced any brightness. Like you, I'm also very sensitive to any brightness. Also I'm using a full loom of ASI Liveline ICs and SC that is very very revealing.

I've used Krell FPB600, Pass, EAR 890, SF Power 3SE+ and TRL Samson amps, and McIntosh, SF and VAC preamps.

As you know, the Andra II is very current and power hungry and I much prefer SS over tube amps with them.
Thanks Knghifi. How did the McIntosh sound with the Andra ll? I am thinking of getting an MC303 to power the front 3 speakers. Will this amp likely smooth out the sound but without losing too much detail? Thanks
After I replaced the Mac pre cheapo stock Chinese tubes with Tele, it sounded very good.

I'm not into HT so I would go for 2 high quality monos for the Andra IIs and a 3 or 5 channel amp for the other speakers.
Hmmmm, I have never heard anyone describe the Estor tweeters as being "edgy" or bright?? In my experience, they are the opposite from what you describe. Try a different amp. Good luck.
This sounds like it could be a room issue... any way to add some dampening to the room?

Otherwise, I would agree with Brf... The Estor tweeters are not known to be edgy, but rather a bit mellow.
I have Esotar tweeters in my speakers and agree with the other posters, they are not edgy. If you can find the right amplification I believe you will come to enjoy them a lot.
I am happy to hear your comments that the esotars are smooth and perhaps a bit mellow with the right amps. Now I know it's time to sell the lx-7 as its not a good match with my speakers. I have narrowed down my choices to McIntosh, Ayre, Classe or Bryston. If I went McIntosh, do you guys think I can get away with their 7 channel amp for my 7.1 system or is it much better to go with the much higher current mc303 (300w x 3) for the front 3 speakers and a use another multichannel amp for the surrounds? Remember I only listen at low to moderate volumes.
I'm using Pass Labs X350.5 with my Andra 2. I would never characterize the sound as bright.
I don't think Lexicon is all that, especially if they can make an Esotar tweeter sound bad. Remember, they're the guys who rebadged and repackaged a stock Oppo Blu-ray player and charged triple the price. I've personally never found their units to perform up to the asking price. Reputations can be persistent.

Borrow a different pre-pro and amplifier and see what you get. I haven't heard *your* Crown-sourced amp, but they too can be edgy and clinical.
I had the Eggleston Rosa with that same tweeter. Pass amps work well with Eggleston. I don't think it is a problem with your electronics. I would experiment with first reflection points and speaker positioning - width and toe-in/out. I suggest reading Jim Smith's "Get Better Sound". There is nothing edgy with those tweeters, IMO.
why not go to the source and ask Jim Thompson at Eggleston