what amp. to power areial 10-t speakers

i am looking for a amp. that will have a solid deep bass responce. right know i have a classe ca-300, cp-50 pre.amp.
wadia 850 cd player, and all analysis plus copper oval cables. i am looking at plinius, krell, etc. i want a big amp. that will drive the 10-t's and get more out of the low end. can anybody give me some suggestions in this matter?
10t's! I had a pair for quite a while, great speaker.

Classe and the Aerials are a good match. If I were you, I'd consider a Classe CP-65 preamp, or possibly the Omega.

IMHO, the CP-50 is the weak link.


Paul :-)
Hi, I've owned the 10T's for 10 years now. They love (and need) a lot of power. I mean ALOT. I was using a CA300 which gave me years of great listening, but when I splurged on a pair of Classe monoblocks (CAM350) the magic just poured out of the Aerials.

Happy Listening, and Good Luck.
My Aerial 10T are mated with Rogue M-150 monoblocks.I am not sure if is the greatest match but sure sounds good to me.Cables by Analysis plus Oval 9.I am considering the purchase (when my finances permit) of a Rogue Zeus power amp for bi-amping the lows,while the 150's will drive the mids and highs.I did hear it before that Aerial 10T are a great match with the Classe big monoblocks.
I use H2O mono Signatures on my 1 ohm speakers. Nothing needs more power. I don't use the H2O for merely power. My Pass X600 monos supplied power. I chose them because there is no other amp that can do the things the H2O can. People are selling off Krells, Plinius, Classe, Quicksilver, Levinson, Pass and other esteemed amps for an H2O.
I would consider Mcintosh 501 mono's. I replaced Classe CA 200 driving thiel 3.6, improvement was a quantum leap. I would consider Classe mono blocks also but I'm not sure they can deliver the bottom end you seek, but you have to be the judge. good luck.
I had the 10's for 5 years. I always drove the hell out of them with high powered tube amps. CJ 5's and 8's.
The 10t's i own sound best when driven with authority. The McIntosh MC352 i use now is "adequate", probably the same as the CA-300. I have heard the 10t's driven by larger Levinson mono's....wow. I have also listened to the CAM350's, but with non-aerials. The CAM350's would be a serious step up from the MC352 in both authority and in detail/speed/delicacy/price. I have heard two other amps side by side with the CAM350's, that had more detailed/deliniated and more present bass (really in a totally different class), but the Boulder 1060 and 2050 models are a little pricey.
Sounds great with Jeff Rowland 8ti high current amp
I've owned about 6 SS amplifiers connected to my 10T's in the last 4 years. Including a few highly rated amps.

But none of those even come close to my McCormack DNA-2 Revision A amp that I've now owned for 2 years.

As stated above, the 10Ts seem to love as much power as one can provide them and then some. Of course the quality of power/amperage means everything.

I used a Pass X350 for 2 years with my 10Ts. Absolutely beautiful, silky, non-edgy, non-forward highs, mids, voices, strings. Vocals are another strong point. As good as the planars I haver heard, IMHO. Bass was not the last word in detail, but not boomy or pushy, and very deep. Overall, a very relaxing sound that was always satisfying. Soundstage was somewhat flat, but I think that the 10Ts do not excel in this respect. I would recommend the X350 on the highs/mids alone. Remember that the Pass X's generate a lot of heat.
I've had my 10Ts for about 7 years and love them. I'm driving them with a Levinson 331 amp which sounds great but gets a bit hard as a crank up the volume. I've been thinking about trying one of the newer class D amps but haven't done so yet. Some of the problem there is that my AR SP9 preamp (GNSC mods) requires a high input impedance from an amp and at least some of the class D amps have a fairly low input impedance (associated with the ice modules I believe).

I'm very interested in which way you go (and what others are using), so be sure to update this thread! Thanks!
Beemer is not getting these 10t's back!

I'm vertically biamping with a pair of Classe CA 301's and the sound is fantastic! I can crank the volume and the sound stays very smooth and no hint of edge. I can, however, quickly overpower the room. It takes a volume setting that is much higher than most anyone would want to listen to very long and the bass just gets boomy. I am starting to wonder about bringing in a tube amp for the mid and upper frequencies. Don't know if I want to mess with an active x-over just yet.

As to the comments about the 10t soundstage being flat. I did notice this early on in my experience with these speakers. To make a long story short, power and placement are magical with these speakers. I am getting very 3-D soundstage.