What amp to match with Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire open back speakers

Fellow audiogoners,
If all goes well, I will shortly be the proud owner of a lightly used pair of Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire open back speakers.
The trouble is that in making this acquisition, I will have expanded most of my intended "hobbies" budget,yet still need to purchase an amplifier that will make the speakers sing.
The rest of my modest setup consists of: Bluesound Node 2i streamer, SMSL SU-8 V2 DAC, ProJect Debut Carbon Esprit TT.
The listening room is our living/dining room (400 sqft), and our music ranges from classical to world, with a good dose of classic rock and jazz of all types. We also like to turn things up from time to time...to dance!
Sound characteristics I appreciate the most are: musicality, definition but not too clinical, wide and open sound stage, tight impactful bass, and most realistic vocals. 

I am thus calling on all Spatial Audio M3 owners and others to request your advice/guidance in helping me select an integrated amplifier at a budget of around $2500.
Thanks very much for your input and experiences, have a nice weekend and please stay safe!jlr261
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Agreed - they sound awfully grand with the Linear Tube Audio amps!

I used the Kinki EX-M1 with the M3TM's for over a year and it is a great match and will give you the power you are looking for to go in your room. Price is still $2398 direct from manufacturer.


I have the LTA Z10 with my Spatial M3 Triode Masters. It’s an awesome pairing and one that has me tempted to move up the LTA line to an ultra linear. Bass is awesome, and it’s so freaking crystal clear it’s nuts to hear how much my precious amp just couldn’t illustrate.

@jlr261 - I hadn’t really considered making a change right away but if you’re interested in looking at a super lightly used Z10, it might help me make a move up the line. It’s only a few months old and in perfect condition.
Thanks for your feedback bassdude and jackd,
As I wrote earlier, the LTA is out of my reach for the moment, but I'm keeping it on my list for an eventual future upgrade, especially if they offer a decent in-home trial period.
Also taking note of the Kinki EX-M1, it is in my current price range and deserves further examination. Hope they offer in-home trial. jackd, what do you use now with your M3TM's? or have you parted with them? If so, please tell me why and did you keep the amp?Thanks again to the both of you!

Hi rickallen81,Thanks for the offer but I'm afraid my budget will nevertheless still be some ways under what you'd expect for the Z10.
As I wrote somewhere at the beginning of this post, I'm limited to a $2.5k amp budget for the moment...
But hey, maybe if we give it a little time, we could perhaps work something out? 

Thanks very much and do take care! pm me if you wish to discuss this further. I gotta go now, but will tune back in in a few hours...