What amp to match with B W 601 s2?

Help me out here. I am looking to match a budget (am thinking Marantz) to a pair of B&W 601 s2 speakers. I am new to all of this (this is my first real system) so any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've used a NAD7100 receiver with 601's, nice match. Audio Refinement Complete Integrated was a marriage made in heaven, and can be had for about $550 used. Happy listening, Jeff
The Marantz PM7000 is a great integrated amp for the $$$. It has plenty of power for the 601's and has a phono stage, source direct, etc. Other good amps to look at are the NAD C340 and Rotel RA1060. You couldn't go wrong with any of these.
Go get a used Acurus DIA 100 for $400 tops.Belive me you can't find a better sounding amp and it's built by a military contractor to specs that won't crap out after 10 years.A real brick sh*thouse.
BTW I sell B&W's for a living and don't sell or have stock in Acurus.It's just the amp I tell my buddies who don't have the disease "audiophillia nervosa" like me and the rest of the dorks who haunt thse sites instead of doing something productive.Check out their web site off Kilpsch who bought Mondial who own Aragon/Acurus.
I use(d) a Parasound HCA1000A thx with a Parasound PLD-1500 pre and found the combination very enjoyable. I feel the HCA1000A (approx $350 used) is one of the best values to go with the B&W 600 series (601 and 602). I also had good results with the Rotel RB990bx but enjoy the Parasound more than the Rotel. Greater punch and midrange with Parasound BUT a slightly sweeter top-end with the Rotel- take your pick. Also, the Rotel is about $200 more than the Parasound (used price).
Check out Cambridge Audio. Especially their d500se cd player. Matching electronics. Good reviews and value. I think www.spearitsound.com is a good choice. No relations.
I use a Rotel 985BX integrated. Sounds great, but in my small room I'd prefer the Linn Majik. Only 33 watts, but it kicks butt! Borrowed one from a dealer friend, under a thousand bucks used. Or the creek 4330R. Also very, very nice.