What amp to improve upon a Sugden?

Current combo:

Rotel RCD971
Sugden A48B, modded with point to point wiring and larger caps etc
Epos es14 on their dedicated stands

The sugden puts out about 50wpc and does sound good with the es14s at moderate levels, but I somehow think the speakers could benefit a great deal with higher power. I do not, however, want to lose the magical midrange that seems to be a trait for both the sugden and the epos.

Further, i don't have the means to purchase megabuck gear; probably looking at a used integrated.

Initially i was thinking Exposure 2010s, but it's been suggested to me that this amp will not be a worthwhile change.

Looking for anyone with epos es14 experience chime in here.

Why not consider the Sugden A21SE used? I've owned one for a couple of years and it's great. Fewer watts....but it's continuous Class A. I've owned Epos 11 and listened extensively to Epos 14s so I know the sound.

I've taken my Sugden to various shops and it will drive just about anything well. Mostly, it is very very quick on attack and still maintains that smooth midrange.
anthem 225
A 2nd vote for the Anthem 225. I do not know of a SS integrated that can beat it at its ridiculously low price point.
For more power and a similar sound, have a look at creek destiny or 5350. The Sudgen is great, but the heat.... A used LFD would also do the trick.
Second the recommendation for an LFD. Both amps have similar characteristics: lively, articulate and resolving - not over analyzing with decent bass response.

I've not lived with a Sugden (heard only in audition) but have with an LFD Integrated zero LE mark III. Not much to look at if that matters to you. Sugden's being slightly better in the aesthetic department.
Celtic66: the previous epos es14 owner used a sugden a21 to drive them and he told me that it had difficulty at moderately loud volumes. I believe he used an older a21, so I wonder if the newer version follows suit.

Whatever the case, i believe i need an amp with a better/ faster slew rate than the sugdens in order to get a punchier, more lively sound.

LFD zero le mark III looks nice, but is over budget. I can afford up to and around what a used Exposure 2010s would go for ... probably around $650-$750 CAD. Doubtful i could get any LFD at that price, unless there is another LFD model that can be recommended (mistral? Mistral SE? if they can be found).