What amp to get for Dahlquist DQ12's?

I've recently acquired a pair of Dahlquist DQ12's that have been fully restored. They sound great, but I'm currently running them through a basic Yamaha htr-5550 receiver. This receiver is rated at 75wpc, and I'm not sure this is enough to sufficiently power the DQ12's.

I'm currently debating whether I should just build a pure stereo system primarily for listening to vinyl, or whether I should continue to keep up a DTS/Dolby surround system for movies. That being said, I'd love to hear suggestions for what I should get to power these babies.

That is, what should I get as a pure stereo amp to power these?


What should I get to power these that will also decode movie audio?

I don't have experience with DQ-12s, however, I do have experience with the DQ-12's big brother the DQ-20 and the DQ-20 likes warm sounding electronics either tube or solid state.
I had a client with 2 DQ-12's running off a Carver M-120 through an Audio Control Richter Scale.
It sounded awesome, and with the right music at the right volume.., it would cause huge green monsters to rise from the sea and devour San-Diego. ;-)

get as much power as you can. raise them 2-3 inches off the floor, not into a corner, and enjoy.
Hi Malcolm, I have the 20i Dahlquist speakers and absolutely love them. Ideally, they should be run with tube amps. I tried quite a few different amps when I was looking for amps and solid state just didn't sound right. Some of them sounded downright thin and bright with the Dahlquists. I have Von Gaylord amps and my system sounds just beautiful - warm, rich, detailed.
You can also improve warmth with a very powerful SS amp to get the woofer in the sealed enclosure to sit up and bark. I have a friend who powers his DQ-20's with a Phase Linear 700 (Bob Carver's first product, 350 wpc in the '70s). Not only is it period-correct, it's a good sounding combination. Carver imitated the voltage swing capabilities of tube amps when he designed this amp, which is one of the things that sets the Phase Linears apart from other '70s power amps.

Between the early Dahlquists' sealed woofers and fairly complex crossovers, a lot of power and current can impart some bass extension and better dynamics and transients.
Thanks for the wonderful advice! I'm a bit green when it comes to amps. What can I expect to get one of these carver amps for, and are they that difficult to come by?

06-09-12: Malcolmreynolds21
What can I expect to get one of these carver amps for, and are they that difficult to come by?
eBay or perhaps a vendor of used and vintage gear. I'm not saying you have to get a Phase LInear 700; after all, they came out 40 years ago. Still, I heard one drive a pair of Dahlquists similar to yours to good effect fairly recently. We also had them at the store I worked at in 1975-6 and we often hooked up the 700 to speakers of low sensitivity such as the DQ-10 and the Ohm F to get them to come alive.

If your budget is around $300-700, the Parasound HCM series from the mid-'90s (e.g., HCM-1500, HCM-2200) should do well too. Many of these are 200 wpc and up with good transient response, tight extended bass, and smooth treble.
Back in the day I heard them sound good with an Aragon pre/power combination (200wpc.) These sometimes show up used. I've never heard it with tubes. The larger DQ-20i from the same period does sound sweet with tubes, though I wouldn't go below 45 wpc. The earlier DQ-10 is a much more complicated design and needs more power though a top notch tube amp should handle it as well (Saul Marantz was Dahlquist's business partner!)