What amp to drive the MBL 101d's?

What amps would you recommend besides their 9011 or 9008 to drive the MBL 101d's?
I nominate Gryphon. Best sound I have heard out of the older version of the 101s, I imagine the "d" version of them is just as power hungry.
The dealer where I live uses the Rowlands 201's with the 111B's to good effect, I suspect the newer JRDG 501 with 500w should be on your shortlist.
I agree about the gryphon amps i had the old 101 with both Gryphon mono blocks and stero amps. Sounds much more detailed and with better bass then the mbl amp. I loved the 101 speakers but never loved the amps, Also used Gryphon silver speaker cable on the high and xlo sig on the low.
Currently in the process of purchasing the MBL 101D speakers. I am very familiar with the Mcintosh 1201 mono power amps and the C-200 preamp.

My experience hearing the MBL electronics, was they sounded warm and not very analytical on the MBL 101D. Something the Mcintosh sounds like and and is known for.

Would the MAC set-up work well with the MBL 101D's?

My choice comes down to; the MAC 1201/C-200 OR the MBL 8011M mono power amps and the 5011 preamp. Thoughts and/or experiences?

Thanks, Dave.
I just bought a pair of 101e's and am looking into using the Sim W 10's. Any comments?
Why not try a Krell? With speakers as insensitive as the MBLs, it would seem that a Krell is a natural choice: High power, high current too.

It might also be interesting to try a high-powered digital amp on them, such as a Spectron Musician.
dealer friend of mine used to use a pair of 400 watt Melos Tube amplifiers and still he felt they needed more power therefore I would suggest VTL 750 REFERENCE amplifiers
Big VTLs might work; I heard them with Jadis JA500s running in ultralinear mode(close to 450 watts) and they were good but I felt the speaker could use even more.
I am currently using a Forsell "The Statement" amplifier with excellent sounding results. The Forsell is also a very good looking match for our MBL 101D. If you have the opportunty I urge you to look into this combination!

Happy Listening!
anybody used Goldmund 29M to drive the MBL 101?