What amp to drive my B&W N Sig 805's?

My room is large 26x20 with a 30 foot peak. The front large wall is all glass and the rest is log. My plan is to run the sig 805's for stereo sound in this room and also power a second set of bookshelfs in the kitchen off the same amp. What amp should I choose? I have looked at some Mark Levinson and Aragons. I see the posted comments about needing power to drive B&W Nautilus speakers. I like clean, brilliant, not necessarily warm sound. Integrated amp (to save $) or combo? Price range is up to $3g.
I will simply give my experience, I don't know if it is possible in your budget; I am using a Classe CA-2200 amp with my Signature 805's, also in a log home and find this to be a great combination/match. (You can see the rest of my system by clicking the link.) If you are not aware, Classe is owned by B&W, as is Rotel, something to consider.
Big Krells
You have to have a lot of power or current. I replaced my Krell KSA-50S (50 WPC 8 Ohms, 100 WPC 4 Ohms - Class 'A' Power) with a Musical Fidelity A308cr Power Amp (250 WPC 8 Ohms, 450 WPC 4 Ohms).

It works extremely well. The Pre-Amp and Amp combo is quite a step up from the A308 Integrated, because of the power supplies. But the combo new is between $6300.00 - $6500.00.

If you can find a combo used, it would be great. I'm about to list my A308cr Pre-Amp for $1400.00 on Audiogon because I'm upgrading to a Pre-Amp in the $4000.00 - $5000.00 range. But I'm holding on the the A308cr Amp because it's that good.
I have N802s but I use Jeff Rowland M201s and they are the best amp I have ever heard in this price range. I am sure they will do a great job with the 805s as well. Pleae try them as I have never heard another amp that mad as big of a difference at this price point.