What amp to drive B&W N 804's

My current amp is a Parasound HCA1000a and seem a little too bright! It worked well with my cdm's but now the highs are a bit over the top. Any recommendations for an amp that is warmer with a bit more low end? I am willing to spend up to $2000.
What Preamp are you using right now? (you might be able to keep your current amp and replace the preamp with a Conrad Johnson preamp)
What type of source?
Conrad Johnson Solid State for the warmer sound with bass control CJ2300 or CJ2500 .. actually real good deal used.
EAD PowerMaster Amplifiers.
If you have any silver cables change them.
Treat your first order reflection points in your room (see www.rivesaudio.com for more information and the forums here)
Sell both (plus 1 set of ICs) and buy a Rowland Concentra II integrated, it is a magical pairing with a friends N803s.
I've got the Aragon upgraded Act 3. I want to keep this because I just got it upgraded and love the features! My cd player is an older Pioneer elite. Any amp thoughts?
I like the suggestion of the CJ preamp. If you really want an upgrade though try any McIntosh SS amp and pair it with the Mcintosh C2200 or CJ 17LS preamp and be set for life.