What amp to buy

I have seen as emotiva xp5-a amp on the net. Does anyone have any experience with this amp. I can't hear it over the net.
Emotiva has an excellent return policy so you can judge the amp in your system. No risk.
I own an XPA-5 and it replaced my Parasound HCA-1205A that I had for more than nine years. The Emotiva has a slightly more forward sound but much better bass than the Parasound. Top end is more neutral while the Parasound is slightly warm. Sound stage width are the same for both amps. The Emotiva is slightly more clear than the Parasound. Probably due to the neutral vs. warm top ends. But one thing the Emotiva was much better at vs. the Parasound was the lack of heat generated. My Parasound would run very warm while the Emotiva runs fairly cool. You do have a 30-day return policy at Emotiva if you don't like it. The Emotiva amp and shipping box together weigh about 75 lbs. That Emotiva amp is one heavy brick!