What amp stands for Cary monoblocks?

Hey, what kind of amp stands are good for Cary monoblocks? I have 40m's. Thanks
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Target makes a good amplifier stand. It has double isolation with spikes on each leg and spikes under the main platform. I believe Audio Advisor sells Target stands.
I love the Zeeba stands.
I would like to share this info


For a simple and not to expensive option, I really like the Salamander Synergy amp stands.

***Salamander and Cary dealer disclaimer***
When I owned Cary 40M monoblocks, putting them on a Sound Anchors stand was a major improvement. Bass was firmer and more powerful, mids and treble were cleaner and more detailed, and the transformers no longer buzzed.
Harmonic Resolution Systems. Not cheap but you get what you pay for (sometimes).