What amp sounds best with the B&W 803D Speakers?

I bought the B&W 803D Speakers after hearing them paired with the McIntosh MC 402 amp. Definitely, I thought the sound was excellent. Though I have not heard them paired with the Classe amp (anyone hear the CT 2300), that is suppose to be a great match. Did anyone hear both, and what are the similarities and differences between Classe and McIntosh? I appreciate the feedback.
I listened extensively to the Classe amp and preamp vs the McIntosh 402 paired with the 803S, 803D, and 802D. Not once but so many times I think the dealer must have gotten sick of me coming in. I was always left with the same impression. The McIntosh sounded great to me and the Classe sounded sterile. There was nothing wrong with the Classe, it just was about as exciting to me as watching paint dry. Needless to say, I bought the McIntosh and have no regrets. Now it may very well be that the Classe was more accurate as one view is if the amplifier does not seem to have any effect on the sound (as determined by absolute boredom) then that is precisely what an amplifier is supposed to do and, in contrast, the pleasant effect one experiences from a different amplifier is actually an indication of coloration. Don't know if that is true and don't care. Bottom line is I liked the McIntosh over the Classe (and the Bryston for that matter) then and now. But, that being said, what I like and what you like may be completely different. In short, you have to listen to them yourself and decide what you like. All the opinions of all the highly, intelligent, vastly superior audiophiles on earth, such as you and I (hard to disagree with that ain't it) don't amount to a hill of beans (to paraphrase Bogart) when it comes to personal preferences.
HA!!! Musicnote, couldn't have said it better myself! Heard em both. Color me McIntosh.
"similarities and differences between Classe and McIntosh? "

Similarities are that thay both are owned by B&W Group. Soundwise Classe is somewhat leaner but what is very important in my book: out-of warranty repair of Classe will cost you arm and the leg. I owned once Classe but not anymore... nor ever be.... board lucked internal fuses and for their cheapness I paid about $1k.

My choice of amplifier for my B&W 802D was Spectron: much better then both Classe and McIntosh !!!!!!.

You can get Spectron for 30 days home trial - check for yourself (with your speakers and your room acoustics etc) which is the best policy, I would think...

All The Best
McIntosh is not owned by B&W.
ARC. The new 200DSi integrated at 200 watts will make those sound out of this world. ARC also now has a 400 watt
version of that circuit in a power amplifier (DS400) that will be all you would ever need with those. Either of these amps will (in my opinion) trounce the Macs or Classe's and will make you VERY happy indeed.
I have no experience with Classe but IMO Mac amps are generally slow and colored with a house sound I dislike,B&W is slow and has a horrible tweeter.I would go with an amp that is faster and has better bass control for those speakers.
ARC DSi200 integrated amp at 200 watts into 8 ohms.
If you liked how they sounded with McIntosh you will flip over how they respond to Audio Research. If you get a chance, try to hear the new DS400 amp from them along with
one of their tube preamps also (LS17, LS26). You'll be spoiled in about 5 min.