What amp/reciever for JM Labs 906?

Recientley I bought and fell in love with a set of JM Labs 906's. I first listened to them through a Macintosh amp that was 25k and wow did they ever sound amazing. Then I listened to them through an amp at the dealers that is much like mine a Sony ES and the speakers still sound great but I want something that will make them sound even better. Now I want to keep the price under 500 bucks if thats possible. So do yall have any suggestions for an amp or reciever for these speakers?
stay away from bright sounding electronics, the JMlab 906 tweeter can sound agressive.
Congratulations on your speakers. I have a pair of 926s and love them very much. So far, I have liked McIntosh amps the best with them. The McIntosh highs are perfect IMO and the JM's tweeter lets it come through in full glory.

Following are used prices. I have seen McIntosh Mc6200 integrateds go in the $500 range but that is about the only kinda-recent model that goes that low. Very good quality for the bucks though. Also, check out Classe CAP-100 or CAP-80. With JMs being so efficient, you could get away with tubes too like the Antique Sound Labs 1003 or MGsi15. Jolida makes some nice little integrateds as well although I have not had any in my system. Good luck!
Now Im a fan of tubes for my guitar gear. But I have heard some people say that they are not good for home audio. So tell me the story here. I know we use tube amps in the stuido to power monitors.

Now I really like the McIntosh integrateds or at least the ones i have heard sound amazing with these speakers. Would these sound good with Rotell?

And I dont know of a dealer around here that carries Classe so what can you tell me about their sound?
I too had the 906's and used them with an Onkyo receiver.
They were good. I then upgraded to Rotel seperates and the difference was amazing. It was like taking a blanket off of my speakers. I then upgraded to the 926's and noticed the sound to be fuller and more pronounced. Then a CD player upgrade again was a noticable improvement. What I am eluding to here is that the JM Labs respond to improvements
quite well.
I have also heard the 906's with Classe CAP 101 & 151,
MF308, NAD, Roksan and Audio Refinement integrateds. All
were so close it would be quite hard to tell the difference.
None were noticably better or worse that my Rotel seperates
which cost more. The seperates do give more flexibility at the cost of more real estate and expense.
Good Luck and enjoy the hunt.