What amp/preamp/integrated to use w/ USHER X-719

I just picked up a pair of Usher X-719s. This was the first part of a rebuilding process for me. The next part would be buying a preamp/amp combo or an integrated amp. I mainly listen to alternative/rock music. I have around $600-$700 to spend (used or new). Any suggestions/experiences would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anybody know anything about the Jungson Ja-88C integrated. It is well within my spending range, but I cannot find anything about in forums or the net. Once again, any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan.
Dan -

If you can spend a little more ($800 - $850) pick up a Musical Fidelity A300 integrated. It's fantastic with the type of music you listen to.
Thanks for the response. I have been looking at that model, but I do not know if I need that much power. The speakers peak in put is around 100W. Also, I found a pic of the Jungson Int. I put it in the virtual systems. Heres the link: