What Amp/Pre with Spendor S8es.

I didn't get too many responses on the loudspeaker forum so I thought I'd try here. I'm curious to know what amp combos people are using to drive their Spendors. I love the speakers but I don't think I'm getting the most out of them with my current Rotel gear. Looking to add some depth which the Rotel simply doesn't have. Front ends are a TT w/a Project Tube Box and a Cambridge 850C CDP.

Always contemplating the next upgrade and I've done everything else, so amps are next.
What price range are you looking at?
Also, what brand/model of cable(s) are you using?
I'd like to get the whole thing in for around 5K. At the moment I'm using AQ Copperhead ICs and Speltz Anti-Wire speaker cables, but I imagine I'll probably upgrade all of that in this deal too.
When I had the S8es I used all quicksilver tube gear,midmono amps,linestage preamp,phono preamp,great combo.I now have 3/5r's and still use quicksilver gear with them.
I am using a MF Nuvista M3, which is available starting at about $2200 used. Although I myself am a dealer I would recommend you buy used. I have 4 different Spendor models and it works well with them all. Spendors work with almost all good amps but the better the amp the better they sound. The Exposure 2010 is imported by the same Co. as the Spendor and according to show reports is a very good match. Tubes will work well if you like them. I was a dealer for many years and never found an amp that didn't work well, granted I never used any amps I thought were bad. But most of them were not necessarily expensive either. On the other hand I occasionally used SP-2s to demo Krell.
I've been recently hanging out on the Naim forum. There are many Spendor users over there.