What amp&pre are you using to drive Spendor S8e?

I've had my Rotel gear for about five years and am finally thinking about upgrading. The Rotel gear has absolutely no depth. Front end is a Cambridge 840c. Not looking to accentuate the Cambridge's slight dryness, but not looking for tubey bloby bass either. Had been considering Mac, but would like to hear what others are using.

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There is at least one guy at McIntosh forum at audiokarma.org that drives these with a MC2102 and loves it. I can't remember his moniker, though.

My 1 cent!

There are a bunch of folks on the Naim forum using Spendors. Perhaps you might want to take a look over there.
I have used Plinius 9100 with my S5e for 4 years with excellent results. Good soundstage, good base, very linear. My listening is mostly jazz, classical, voice.

I also tried my Plinius 8200 MKII, but I could see very little difference. I use Audio Magic bulk silver coated #10 speaker cables.

I am upgrading to Spendor A6 next month and will continue to use the Plinius 9100. Thinking of switching to Plinius 9200 if I see one on A'gon. Will switch cables to Kimber 8TC to see if any improvement.

Have tried many amps...have found Plinius Int'd amps perfect for my needs.