What amp is best with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers

Just received my new Wilson Sasha DAW speakers and am now beginning to sift through a long list of electronics that would bring out the best in them. If anyone owns these and could give some recommendations I love to hear them. I’m open to tube or solid state. Looking for amps and preamp. All opinions are appreciated.
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tubes: ARC gear is great. and you'll have to deal w tubes (ugh)

solid state: Luxman C/M900 series are a must audition. worked magic w/ Sasha 2s and never ever fatiguing. end game SS gear. 
Do you think tubes would be better than solid state since this is such a revealing speaker?
not at all. i think you should audition both, and decide if the differences which may (or may not) favor tubes are such that its worth the additional hassle that WILL come with dealing with tubes (particularly tube amps; preamps are low maintenance).

no one ever truly owns a tube amp; they just rent them.

i did that calculus and went to Luxman and have zero regrets, having used it with Sasha 2s and now Magico S7s.

but a good move: go same brand for both pre and amp; the amp / speaker interface is most important, but a manufacturer will always say their gear is synergistic. and they're usually right. 
Lol!! I love the part about never owning the tube amp. I guess you’re never done paying for it,  with the future need for tube replacement. Thanks fo your input and with try to locate a Luxman dealer near me. 
You'll not regret checking into Luxman.  It has it all.  

Regarding tubes being better for a transparent speaker, I think lots of contemporary high end tube gear has been made to approach solid state in terms of transparency...especially ARC. 

One the preamp, VTL 7.5 III, Ref 10, and GAT 2 would without doubt all be excellent, but for me the GAT 2 drops out due to being single ended only, and the Ref 10 get canned based on its impedance requirements which mean you can't drive a subwoofer.  

VTL emerges as the top choice among those IMO.