What amp is best?

I am looking for amps for my home theater setup. I have a proceed and a pass dealer in my area. I have nautilus 802's left and right nautilus htm1 center and 4 nautilus 805's in the rear.I am going to be using my denon 5800 for my pre. Which amps do you think would be best for my set up?
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Whatever sounds best to your ears. Of course, this requires you to audition the amps for yourself.

Still the best and only policy you should follow.

Happy hunting.
Keep Canada green, buy Bryston. No. I am not related in any way to that concern, save and except as a satisfied customer. Good day!
Since you are apparently going to need 7 channels of amplification, you need to answer a few questions before anyone on the forum can provide you with useful commentary:
1. What is your budget?
2. Will you consider two amps (a 3-channel and a 4-channel combo, or a 5-channel and a 2-channel), or are you limited to a single-chassis amp?
3. How much power do you think you will need, given your listening tastes and the size of your listening room?
If you want to start with 2ch serious listening than you ought to get an integrated Unison Unico(free trial or for a misurable price for a week or so) or Plinius 8200.
I have thought about an x250 for the 802's and an x5 for the rest or an hpa3 for the fronts or an hpa2 and an amp5 for the rest.
I listened to a Pass X150 in the same room as a Proceed HPA-2 both playing N801s and I have to say that I loved the X150. It is expensive for 150W but man was it nice. The proceed was nice too but not quite the Pass. May not be the most cost-effective for 7 channel however.... Proceed is way more accomodating with HT. At least you have dealers in your area! I only get to visit them on business trips. Go and audition them and see what you think. Arthur
Since you have the B&W setup, I'd recommend you to look at a Sunfire Cinema Grand - the Nautiluses do like to be "fed" properly, and the Sunfire is up to the task, while also giving you the best of both worlds (or at least a decent compromise) for HT and music. You can keep your current amp for the rears and the budget relatively low.
I absolutly agree with Aboldor and his recommending the Sunfire Cinema Grand!!!! I had a budget of 9 grand and wanted to go with something like Proceed,Pass,Krell,EAd or some monoblocks for my Aerial 8b,cc3,7b combo. These were all listened to at length. Of the bunch the Ead was best with pass second only due to price. Then I listened to the Sunfire and could not justify spending more. I had listened to several of the cheaper amps like Meridian Classe ATI and B&K and for one reason or a nother was not happy. The sunfire has everything except the big price tag and weight.
Owning four different Sunfire amps and five different Nelson Pass built / designed amps, i would not consider the Sunfire to be in the same league. Mind you, the Sunfire's do have their strengths and can hold their own quite well ( especially if purchased used ), but i would not call them the most revealing or musical. They are however a very solid and reliable work-horse that have no problem cranking out massive amounts of clean power hour after hour. In terms of ultimate performance levels though, Nelson's amps are in a whole different league if you ask me. Sean
I have the N802s and an HTM1 up front in my HT (SCM8s for surrounds).

I use an AMP5 for the three front speakers, bi-amping the N802s. I have been very happy with the results.

I can cleanly drive the speakers with zero distortion at volumes far larger than I would ever listen to for an extended period of time.

NOTE: I originally had the AMP 5 running all 5 channels, as my L/R were originally Naut 804s. When I made the jump to the Naut 802s, the AMP5 was a weak link. After bi-amping, all is good. I point this out because a HPA3 may also provide similar results, and allow you to have similar amplification to your front 3 channels.
I have been satisfied with a 300S on my B&W 801 III's. I would try the PASS if I had the chance to. You can never hear them all unless at the CES show which is not always the best acoustics. Those Nautilus speakers will reveal all front end short commings keep in mind. Good luck and happy listening.
What about Denon 5803 with the 802 front, 805 back