What amp for the Revel M20

I am looking for a integrated amp for the Revel M20. I try to stay with the tube amp. I am think about card SLI-80 or the unison s8. I heard the Revel need a lot of power to perform their best. Will the S8 which is only 24w (however, class a rated) be enough? Will any body have experience on these? I am open to any other suggestion. Thanks.
BTW, this will be for the bedroom. And the source is Sony 999ES.
Thanks again.

Tubes with the M20s? You're going to need some VERY serious power. I own the M20s and love 'em. You can see my system. These M20s can take just about anything you feed them. I'm using 100 watts per in a small room. Just barely does it. Larger room? 200 watts would be better. peace, warren
Right now I am using an Audio Refinement complete with my m20's. I could use a little more power, but since I'm in an apartment, I can't crank the music anyway. I would be interested in trying the Unison. Let me know what you decide.
Well if the Revels are like other small speakers the increased need for power and volume, has nothing to do with your speaker, but instead your ears. As you turn the juice up, the speakers bass allignment changes, and provides a few hertz better extension. As such, the speaker starts to sound more full bodied. There are two ways to approach this: Frist, by a big amp a listen at louder volumes. Or second, if you plan on keeping the tube amp then buy a good sub. You can listen at softer levels and still have a full sounding system.
Revel/Mark Levinson #383. Also new McIntosh. Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
I have just brought some M20's which have replaced the excellent, but flawed Triangle Celius (despite 91db sens. drop to 2ohms in the key upper mid band, so need juice!).
However, my CJ MV60(55W) is not really man enough for the M20's, so I brought a Carver(250W) pre/pow combo from the very excellent Underwood HiFi, at a close out price and it performs with the 20's extremely well. I am keeping the CJ to drive a pair of rebuilt Quad Esl 57's, as it has a 16 ohm tap.
Anyway to cut a long story short, I agree with warrenh, they need a lot of juice! at least a 100W.
Happy listing!