What amp for tad-150 and totem arro+lightning sub?

I am looking for something that packs a punch. I am currently using a 10 yr old ati 200/wpc amp. I tried an antique sound lab tube 50/wpc integrated and felt it did not have near the dynamics and imaging as the old ss amp.
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I picked up a TAD150 recently, but haven't found the right amp yet. I'm targeting a McCormack DNA-1, or possibly a 225. Depending on what you're looking for any McCormack might work for you (DNA-1, -2, 125, 225, 0.5..)
I agree with Fishboat. I have a TAD-150 and I'm currently using a DNA 0.5. Plenty of punch.
NAD 272 is worth a look. Incidently, my brother has Arros and a Cayin TA-30 (same as primaluna)integrated tube amp. The soundstage and synergy of these two is amazing. The Arro's are very tube friendly. Primaluna makes a tube amp also that may mate very well with your TAD preamp.
Try the TAD-60. I have the TAD-150 running Vandersteen 2CE Sigs. I had a McCormack DNA-1 but, the TAD-60 is in another league entirely. Read the reviews. Also, if the Svetlanas that come with the TAD-60 are a bit soft at the extremes get some Tung Sol 6550 reissues or some KT-88s. I roll3ed in the Tung Sols and noticed improvement immediately. More punch, better focus, stronger bass and more extended highs..The reviews on this amp suggest some other tube options that have worked for several people... What speakers are you using...
I enjoyed powering my Totem Arros with a PrimaLuna Prologue Two in a small space. Moving to a larger space, I have moved up the Totem line and have found the Simaudio I5 to be a nice complement. Perhaps a W-3 would be a perfect complement to your Arros? The Simaudio and Totem have a nice synergy!
thanks so much for the responses. I tried a 50 wpc antique sound lab tube integrated that i felt was not near dynamic enough compared to the ss 200wpc. i hate to get the size issue with a larger power tube amp, its my office system, so i can try some other brands.