What amp for Paradigm Studio 60 v.2?

I recently bought some Paradigm Studio 60 v.2 speakers and just can not believe how good they sound! After my ears adjusted, I realized that my Denon 3802 may not be giving these speakers what they deserve to sound right. Will moving to a 2ch amp for music listening really improve the sound? even if I use the Denon as the pre-amp? I kind of feel like the Studio 60s need more power. Paradigm's site says a max amp of 180 wpc. Does this mean a 200 or 220 watt amp is too large? I mostly listen to jam southern blues rock and some acoustic music. My curretn room size is 26'x15'x9', but these speakers will eventually be moved into a smaller room. I was wondering opinions on the best amp under $1000 used for the Studio 60s? would you also suggest the same amp for the Studio 20s and 40s? I have been looking at the Rotel and B&K amps, but have not had a chance to audition any of them.
I have an Anthem MCA 20 amp (made by Paradigm) connected to my Studio 100's. While not a Bryston it would compare favourabley with the Rotel and B&K if not better. Brand new it should price in near your $1000 limit. I paid $1400CDN for mine. Your speakes should be able to handle it unless you are fond of turning your system on at volume 10 (11 if you are a Spinal Tap fan). If I had the coin I would probably go with the Bryston or some other amp in that price range. On the whole though, I am pretty happy with my Anthem. It made a big difference from running the 100's from my Onkyo surround receiver, especially in the bass department and quiet background.
Anthem isn't made by Paradigm, but they do own them. I would suggest Anthem as well. Fantastic value. I would try to find a used Bryston before I went with a Rotel or a B&K. Anthem has such great value, I don't think I would look anywhere else.

As far as having too much power, I would never worry about that. If you find an amp with 200 wpc continuous, don't worry about over powering your speakers. I would much rather have too many watts than not enough.
I have had excellent results with Bryston and BelCanto, less so with PS and Adcom. But that's in my specific system.
Apparently the manufacturing facilites for both Anthem and Paradigm are all housed in the same building now. Anthem was Sonic Frontiers "value" solid state nameplate. Unfortunatley Paradigm has since discontinued making any of the Sonic Frontiers products and has retired the name. Sonic Frontiers was known for their well reqarded tube gear of which I have one of their Line 1 preamplifiers - very good pre and inexpensive on the used market on Audiogon. If you get one replace the tubes with some decent NOS and watch the WOW factor climb! As S7horton says I would look at the Anthem before the Rotel/ B&K. A good quality North American made product. Another nice feature on the Anthem is the auto-on ability - once it detects a signal then it powers on. You can also use a trigger to power up or leave it powered all the time as some like. This amp is also available in two and five channel configuration. Hope this helps. Good luck on you search.
As I used to have the Studio 60v2 speakers with a Denon 3802 and had asked the same question. The most common amps that were recommended were the Bryston (3B-ST or 4B-ST) and Rotel (RB 1080). I eventually went with the Bryston 3B-ST. Then came the 4B-ST, then came new speakers, then I sold the Denon and bought a Sonic Frontier Line 2 SE preamp...

Hello, my name is David and I am an audioholic.
try the denon pma 2000ivr integrated amp.
Great! It looks like most are sold on Bryston or Anthem. Will using my Denon as the pre-amp/processor and to drive my center and surrounds speakers work alright? Also, would you recommend these same amps for the Studio 20s?
Why settle for Bryston or Anthem?
The best used speaker deal is a Pass Aleph-3 which you can buy for $850-$1000
I used one with my Paradigm 80's and got plenty of volume and nice,realistic sounding bass.
The Aleph-3 will drive your speakers with ease.
Bryston is your best bet in the $1000 range. Try looking for a 4Bst, this will probally cost you $200 or more used but it is worth every extra penny spent. Every piece of Bryston equipment comes with a 20 year transferable warranty, which makes buying their used gear a much easier decision.

good luck, kek
The Bryston stuff is very good as they say, it all depends on what price you are willing to pay.

I am still using my old surround receiver with L-R pass through on my Line 1 pre. The receiver powers only the center channel and the rears. Works pretty good and is almost adequate for my needs - I have the same problem as David. As a small benefit of using the outboard amp for front L-R you will have a little extra power available through your receiver to power your other channels.
Paradigm Studio speakers like high current amps. Classe amps sound great with them. 200 watts would not be too much. Look into a used CA-150 or even better CA-200.