What amp for Mythos ST

I'm thinking of setting up an ST based theater system but music is still #1. What amps have you Mythos owners tried and what do you like?
At CES they used a 50 watt tube amp like a Shanling. When asked about the amp, their response was how mush power do you need for a mid/tweeter? Go for high quality instead of quantity.
I have a Blue circle BMPH integrated connected to mine. I agree though that you should be able to go for high quality/low power tube amplification. Sandy Gross demonstrated the STS for a Stereophile reviewer with a Cayin A-50T integrated. At CES 2008 Definitive used Pass Labs XA 100.5 monoblocks to demonstrate the ST. So they seem to feel that lower-power lower-priced tube amplification works well or medium power expensive solid state works well with this line of speakers.
The Wyred 4 sound B&O modified ICE amplifiers are excellent they are more musical than the Belcanto amps I compared them to as well as my Edge G-4 and run very cool at almost 90% efficiency ,compared to 40% of a standard AB amplifier.