What amp for my GMA Europa's?

Have the idea to swap things around a bit so am wondering what folks are using to power their Europa's.I am currently using an Anthem AMP 2 SE. The preamp is also a Hybrid, the Valve Audio Black Widow. CD player is the tubed Jolida Jd-100 with mods. Last but not least is a Fisher KM-60 tubed tuner.

Just looking to maybe sweeten the sound a bit. Nothing wrong with it currently but you know how it goes, upgradeitis :) But, I dont want to upgrade just for sake of upgrading, if i am going to have to spend bazillions more then i will do not do it....i think....maybe :) guess i would just buy all the cd's i have had on my list for a long long time.
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i had the europa's and ran them with a few different amps with excellent results....audio research ca-50 integrated nice sweet sounding amp, also ran a almarro 205-a with 4.5 watts pentode..also nice combo for jazz & piano music and vocals of course, on the other side of the spectrum anthem mca 2..now its the mca-20 ..this amp just bitch slapped the europa's and squeezed every bit out of them ! soundstage went well beyond the edge of the europa's ! music literally was in the room! depending on your musical tastes...any of these is a good choice...3 different presentations..!
the combination youre using should be a dandy. europas are nice speakers...they are not sweet however, just balanced.