What amp for ms 902?

Hello, soon I'll have a pair of mordaunt short 902i, and I'm looking for a low budget amplifier to drive them. Could you give me some advice on that? My hi-fi will play only vinyl records (I already have a pre phono to attach to it).
I like mostly indie/alternative/post rock.

Thank you very much for your help!
You can give a try to the Rotel RA-04, wonderful sound and there's fantastic bass on it.
I assume you are asking about an integrated amp. Since your speaker is small I would consider the possibility of adding a subwoofer in the future. Thus, the integrated should have both preamp out and main amp in jacks. NAD, Bryston, some Creek, some Rega have these. It's the only way to treat the integrated as separates allowing you to take the bass load off of the main speakers.
Thank you for your answers. Yes I'm thinking of an integrated. There's a NAD 315bee on sale here on audiogon, do you think it would suit to my case? I've also heard good things about Cambridge Audio...