What amp for McIntosh LS260 speakers

My buddy is not an audiophile. He is a car guy, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. He asked me to recommend an amp for his McIntosh LS-360 speakers, and man those suckers are big, 87 db, 2x10s, 1x8 and 5 tweeters. 50" tall. Don't know what he is using for a CDP but he has a carver C-19 preamp. All he knows is he wants 300-500 wpc. I am thinking the Adcom 5802 since used they are a steal used. Then Aragon mono blocks, and maybe a digital amp. I went through the usual list of SS amps form Belles, CJ, Krell (KAV series), Bel Canto, Spectron, the big Rotel, B&K, etc. So you can see that I need some assistance since I have no idea about the Mac speakers. He wanted to spend up to $2K on an amp but I think that is a waste of time with his preamp and probably a multi disc CDP. Yes he can actually buy anything he wants but I do not want to go there. I was thinking of getting him something that will last for a while. He most likely just wants to juice them up and play rock and roll and impress his friends by how loud they will play.

Thanks in advance.
stay away from adcom amps with mac speakers,the adcoms will not bring out the best in them,dont get me wrong adcom makes some fine amps & i own a pair of adcom monoblocks i really like but they are a very bright sounding amp & they wont compliment the ls360's.

if your friend is willing to up the ante about a grand he could score a mcintosh mc500,ive owned a ton of mac & still do & one thing i know for sure is that mac sounds best with other mac gear.

if it was me & i couldnt afford the mc500 then i would go after a krell ksa150 or higher,ive owned three krell amps & all worked excellent with mac speakers,i feel that all the other amps you mentioned will not do them justice.

I don't know why he wouldn't buy a MacIntosh amp for the speakers, it's the ideal match, and it sounds like money is no problem for the guy.
Other then Mac MC207 i would suggest the "CLASSE" line a suburb amp line .Bothe are not cheap
Any number of amps can be used with the LS360s. They are ratted for 600 watts but a clean 100 will drive them well. For less money a Crown K2 worked well on some I listened to.

ferrari's ?.....then he's got bucks- 501's