what amp for Mark & Daniels Mini's?

I like triode sound,considering Rogue tempest for a tube amp,or perhaps a class A like a Sugden or a Pass Lab,looking to spend $1500 max,what about all these rebuild Dynaco st-70's? Would appreciate any input,thanks,Nick
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Think they need power.Read 6moons or ask Underwoodwally.But from what I read they can suck it down (or up as it were).Of course how big a room and what levels you want to bring it to.Pass would be nice is my guess but you would be loooking at the Firstwatt not the 30 Pass at that price.If you want tubes and thinking Rogue why not get a used pair of 120's?You'd have it to burn.They and Quicksilvers seem to offer best value for money.Yet think that getting advice on what matches best SS or valve is first question.