What Amp for B&W N802

Hello Audiogoners

I would like to have your opinion on the following. I'm puting together my hometheater base on B&W N802,HTM-2,SCM-2. I was thinking of a pair of monoblock for the N802 and a 3 channel amp for the rest of the speakers. I know that the N802 are power hungry,That's why I'm asking if that's the only way to go in my particular case or Can I get a Multichannel amp and call it a day. If someone recomend me a multichannel amp, please specify which one and why? I just to owned Simaudio titan 7, but I would like to try something else. Can the Theta Dreadnaught be considered?

Thanks In advance.

I would do mono-blocks or at least a two channel amp for those 802's.

I heard them with a Plinius SA250 Mark IV -- that was a great set-up.

I am not going to recommend specific amps because it is really a personal choice. You should if possible audition several that you like. IMHO get as much power as you can. I use two channel amps on my N802's so that I can bi-wire. Meaning I take a 300 watt amp and instead of running in mono I use one side for the top and one for the bottom. They really start to sing when you put power into them. Also if you haven't purchased the speakers I suggest trying the HTM1 it's a better match for the 802's then the HTM2, and because 60 percent of the movie sound comes out the center you will be a lot better off. The HTM2 is just a N805 turned to the side.
PS: I also use a separate 300 watt amp for the top and bottom of my HTM1. For my rears SCM's I use another 300 watt amp in stero mode to do to the left and right rear. Not counting the sub which is the AS4000 (450 watts) I'm pushing over 1200 watts which give me nice feel avision systems(as my kids call it) Happy listening. I use crown DC3000's which by todays standards wouldn't be considered audiophile but probably sound as good as most high end amps.
Hello Guys. Thank for the recomendation. Walkelin I'm a little confuse. First of all. what kind of amp are you using. How many amps in total are you using for you N802? Can you send me some pictures of your set up if possible.How many biding post does your amp have?

Anybody else wants to elaborate more?
In my HT system, I use a Mcintosh 602 stereo(600 watts/ch) for my N802 mains and a MC 501 (500 watts) for the HTM1 center. I really enjoy the sound and have not seen the need to upgrade this setup thus far.