what amp for b&w 603 s1 speaker

I am building up a new system and i just bought a pair B&W model DM 603S1. But I am quite confused with the amplifiers.I will be using the system in the living room and i am looking for amp probably integrated amps are more convenient in this case. Which amps would you recommend? As we are newcomers to the hi-fi world, any information is more than welcome :)
ps i heard that the rotel rb1070 is good amp. please give me some advie thanks.
Rotel is good, look at NAD also.
need some advie should i buy the Rotel RA-1070 integrat $450 , or i buy the rotel RB-1070 AND THE RC1070 this two would cose me around $700which one is sound better for my speaker need some advice anyone have this rotel hook up with the b&w .