What amp do you use to drive original Quad ESL's

I'm interested in hearing what other owners of original Quad ESL's use to drive the speakers full range. Hope tp hear.
I owned them for many years. While I never tried it, I understand that the Pass Aleph amps are a wonderful match.
What are you referring to as original? The 57 (1st model-original) or 63 (much more traveled model)? Both are great with Jadis amplification. The Alephs are also good, as Drubin suggests. Many good tubes will do.
BTW, you can't drive these speakers "full-range" -- only their range, which a bit short of fullrange. A good sub is recommended.
BTW, there are sites recommending some such quad/sub combo's -- now if I could only remember them...
Try www.quadesl.org

Go to the section on amplifiers. There is a list including critique about the good and the bad of many recommended amps.

Bedini 25/25, Levinson ML-2, Futterman OTL, Pioneer Series 20, Rappaport Amp 1, Berning EA-230, MacIntosh MC-225, all my favorites and temporally correct.
I like the bedini 25/25 and the VTL TT25.