What amp are you using with your 84 db monitors?

I just picked up a pair of 84 db Celestion 100 speakers and will need to change amps. I used to sell this model at the retail level 20 years ago and absolutely loved its sound. They disappeared and were super clean sounding. Back then, we mostly used a B&K ST140 on them or other 100 wpc amp and they sounded great. An online review of this speaker said it had a tendency to sound a little bright or tilted up; although, with the B&K amp, I don't remember it being that way at all....it was just an amazing sounding speaker as I recollect.

Right now, I have a very low powered tube int amp and will need to make a change. My room is not huge (about 17 x 14 x 8) and I don't need to listen super loud but I think an el84 amp won't be enough. I'm thinking more like 30 tube watts minimum, perhaps an el34 amp. While not a big fan of KT88 amps, a KT88 amp might also be a good match up with these speakers...

So, what are you currently using with your low sensitivity monitor speakers and what do you think would be good with these speakers? My budget will probably be in the under $500 range for an tube integrated amp. (possibly solid state but I prefer tubes). Thanks