What amp

So I have a pair of old klipsch heresy that I have put some work into and restored them nicely, I have been running them on an old rotel amp but its a bit old now and I'm looking to upgrade, can anyone give me some advise on what amp I should be looking for (new or old) i have about $1000 to play with thanks guys :).
A vintage integrated tube amp would match nicely. Something like a Pilot, Scott or Fisher or Mac. Your speakers will be quite happy with 15-18 watts.

Other choices might be a Marantz or Sansui receiver...
Peachtree line is worth considering.
Coincident makes an el34 SET amplifier called the turbo and is said to have very good quality output transformers. It would likely drive your efficient speakers very well. Worth a look at least.
With $1000.00 to spend, you have a plethora of choices that would work well with Klipsch Heresys.

For $300.00 to $700.00(huge $$$ I know), you could get a hold of a legendary vintage 80's/90's Luxman R-117 receiver and never have to consider anything else. The combination is that good.

An NAD C375BEE/375DAC would also be a great amp to drive your Heresys.

I am driving my Heresy II's with an Integra DTM-40.4 network stereo receiver(80w/ch) and could not be more pleased. I had the Luxman R-117 before the Integra but had to sell it to liquidate for some emergency $$$. With the DTM-40.4 now doing HII duty, I don't feel like I am missing a beat.

Checkout Line Magnetic. They are made in China but excellent sound and quality especially for the $$. If interested, PM me and I can hook you up with my dealer.
yeah thanks Joe, that would be swell
H.H.Scott 299 Stereomaster is one of the underrated best sounding vintage amp. the restored unit is sold in $700 ballpark.
I agree, for your speakers and the dollar amount you can spend there is a wealth of tube and SS amps out there that would sound great!
Did you want a tube or SS?
I have not really landed on ss or tube but it could go either way, i did like the look of the peachtree audio gear but i live in Australia cant seem to find any distributors.
so much to research :P