What am I missing? Americana?

I have really been enjoying certain types of recordings, Ryan Adams "Heart Breaker and Bright Eyes "I'm wide awake it's morning", for example.

Can you guys help recommend similar type recordings?
Steve Earle
Lucinda Williams
Son Volt
Tift Merritt
Bethany Dillon
Those are two pretty different artists you mention. Conner Oberst is rather Alt/progressive and Ryan Adams is kind of alt-country-folk-rock combination, and is not nearly as critical and cynical with his take on America. Can you be more specific about what it is you connect between the two?

Based on my own take of those two...hmmm:

Josh Ritter (just introduced to him - brilliant songwriter)
Laurie Anderson's latest, Homeland
Wilco (seconded)
Elliot Smith (kind of down-key)
Jim White (he'll cover the South for you)
Sufijan Stevens (working on those midwest states)
Mark Kozelek (also on Sun Kil Moon & Red House Painters)

More classic takes on "America" that are less like the artist you mention:

Johnny Cash
Leonard Cohen
Rodney Crowell
Shelby Lynne
Rosanne Cash
Jim Lauderdale
Uncle Tuepelo
Americana? So you're looking for music like Ryan Adams? Why dont you load/run Pandora and create a radio station (Ryan Adams Radio). Listen to it everyday for a few weeks & note what it's genre algorithms return and take it from there.

FWIW - ryan adams blows.

If you think the genre Americana is what you are interested in (I consider ryan adams cry-baby-pop) listen to Whiskeytown.

Here's a list of my faves that I dont consider AMERICANA just exceptionally good Rock/Folk music that have been in heavy rotation since their first releases where issued:

Uncle Tupelo (arguably the start of it all [I know Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Bros - but come on!])
Son Volt/Jay Farrar/Gob Iron
Milton Mapes/Monahans
Collin Herring
Curtis Harvey
Great Lake Swimmers
Elliot Brood
Richmond Fontaine
Richard Buckner
Sera Cahoone
The Vulgar Boatmen
Buffalo Tom
Chad Rex and the Victorstands
Drag The River
The Feelies
The Hilltops
J. Tillman
Jeffery Foucault
Kathleen Edwards
Tift Merrit
Ryan Adams rules!

Jim Lauderdale's latest, Patchwork River.
Great to see recommendations for Richard Buckner and Jeffrey Foucault! Both brilliant songwriters and Foccault is great on guitar. I heartily agree!

A few more in that come to mind:

Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy / Palace Brothers / Palace Music)
16 Horsepower
Gillian Welch
Mary Gauthier
Chris Whitley
Vic Chestnut
You know that Whiskeytown was Ryan Adam's band right?
Muzikat - yes I did. The big difference being - in whiskeytown adams was not only songwriter; Caitlan Cary and Phil Wandscher co-wrote.

Bottle Rockets
Woven Hand
Alejandro Escovedo (solo, and his 80s band Rank and File)
Handsome Family
Neko Case
Lucinda Williams (who rules in this here kingdom)
The Blasters
John Prine
James McMurtry
Townes Van Zandt
Drive-by Truckers
Trailer Bride
Old 97s
dave alvin's solo albums and Mrs earle....allison moorer
If you really like Ryan Adams' "Heartbreaker," I'd suggest you pick up "Demolition," which is nothing at all like his first solo effort, but a damn good record, "Love is Hell," a fabulous Ryan Adams disc that the label didn't know what to do with, and two records he made with his band The Cardinals: "Cold Roses" and "Jacksonville City Nights."
If you should happen to fall for all of these -- and you well might, as the guy is a sometimes brilliant songwriter -- "Gold" is a glorious record from start to finish. It came right after "Heartbreaker," and was a total change in that it was often poppier than hell.
I had the great good fortune of seeing Adams a couple of times back in the day, and he's a truly rare talent.
I recommend The Volebeats, and I must commend this thread for mentioning the Vulgar Boatmen AND the Silos, and coincidentally containing posts by one "waltersalas".

Yes, it is a coincidence. I'm just a big fan, not the singer/songwriting genuis Walter Salas-Humara.

Can't recommend those Silos albums strongly enough, especially "Cuba," "Heater," and the eponymous album.
Levon Helm
great lst so far...i'll add Calexico...thanks for the Volebeat recomm Der
I dunno... maybe a Ventures greatest hits disc, Danny Gatton Cruising Deuces, Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East, Smithereens Especially For You. The Crime Jazz compilations provide a good cross section of memorable soundtrack pieces from American TV and films.
jim white
silver jews
howe gelb
giant sand
magnolia electric company
iron and wine
david rawlings
couple more.
m. ward
bill callahan
my morning jacket
jim o'rourke
Lots of good ones mentioned, but I gotta add Scott Miller.
Don't think anyone mentioned The Reivers yet. Back in the day, there was a lot of press to the effect that John Croslin was at the forefront of the "New Sincerity" movement of singer/songwriters you've nodded to here - and his bands' stuff added great harmonies, as well.

Sometimes things get a little too sincere, so I go for a shot of Webb Wilder.


PS Not sure Duane's choices are specifically "with the program", but they're very good ideas (especially Gatton), anyway.