What am I listening to, it can't be Digital: PART2

Dear Audiogoners,
My apologies, if you have seen my previous thread you would know that I have been struggling with a DIANA KRALL DVD-Audio Disc. Using a Pioneer DV-58AV Universal Player (minus a T.V.) I wasn't able to determine if I was listening to the 24-bit/96kHz Stereo Mix off of this Disc, or the Pioneer's 2-Channel Downmix version of the 24-bit/96kHz Surround Mix off of the same Disc. The front panel display on the Pioneer will not indicate this.
My Television sits at least 25ft. from my Stereo System. I had to go through Hell to get a 25ft. S-Video cable just to access the separate playlists on this Disc. I also had to get a special Video switching Unit to use with my existing DVD-Player. I also had to get even more *#+@*#*** S-Video cable for multiple Video inputs for this switching Unit. I also had to learn how to use all of this *#+@*#*** Accessory Crap! If I ever get my hands on the guys that design Universal Players..........!
The reason that this Disc sounds so Analog like, is because I have been listening to the 24-bit/96kHz Surround Mix off of the Disc Downmixed by the Pioneer to 2-Channel. It just doesn't sound like Surround Sound. There is no Surround Sound Channel separation, I don't even hear any Surround Sound Processing. I have finally been able to verify that it is indeed the Downmixed version by the Video feed from the Pioneer to my T.V.
What I do hear is the Soundstage doubling in size. All of the Instruments have double the presence. There is twice as much air and harmonic content, the decay seems to trail off into the distance forever. It also sounds more Dynamic. It sounds like real Instruments in space, not Movie Special Effects Surround Sound Bells and Whistles. It has many of the characteristics of a good Analog Record. It stands head and shoulders above any two Channel CD, SACD, DVD-AUDIO Disc that I have ever heard. What am I comparing it to? How about the 24-bit/96kHz Stereo version of the same Music off of the same Disc. The Downmixed version is something special that all 2-channel enthusiasts should pay attention to. I am no great fan of Surround Sound, Four Channel anything! This sounds like something completely different!