What am I going to do with all of this junk?

I have a couple of really decent systems, and multiples of some of the good stuff, but I just can't seem to pass up friends giving me their audio garbage. They know that for the last thirty years I have been into the hobby and I seem to be a magnet for this stuff. Not that I havn't gotten some ultra cool and rare tube gear this way, but that's for another thread. This one's about the crap. I walked into my closet and did a brief inventory, all of this junk was free, except as noted, speaker pairs: Celestion DL-8mk2, Scott 6.2, Realistic Minimus 7 ($20.00, five years ago), Tuners: Yamaha CT-600, Sansui 717 ($25.00, ten years ago) Preamp: Carver 4000, Amp: Van Alstine MosFet 120B ($35.00) Receivers: Sherwood, Toshiba, Turntable: Technics SLD2. The garage is even worse, tube integrated amps in disrepair, tube PA amps, a couple of tube multiplex units, mono tube tuners, mono tube preamps. Transformers, knobs, wood cabinets, project boxes, bags of unsorted tubes. My name's Marty and I have a problem. Anyone else want to confess?
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my bedroom system and office system become my storage for things I've upgraded from

in the bedroom I have 2 cd players, 2 vcrs, a dvd, 2 Nak tape decks, turntable and amp

oh well
Marty, your junk is better than my main system. What gives?
I have stuff sitting on the shelves too. California Audio Labs Icon Mk II, a Sony cassette deck, a BIG JVC HT receiver along with miscellaneus (sp) interconnects and speaker cables. Unfortunately my junk is of more value to me than other peoples good stuff. If it wasn't I would have gotten rid of it years ago when I should have!!!

List the stuff on Ebay, it'll sell and probably for more than it's worth. I've come to the conclusion you can sell ANYTHING on Ebay, one man's junk is another man's treasure? I've gotten rid of all kinds of stuff I don't need or want, and being a packrat believe you me I have lots of stuff hanging around. Bite the bullet, do the virtual garage sale thang on Ebay. My bill is in the mail..
OK...OK I NEED to open up...I can't take it anyomore>>>(sob)...I have a Sumo Aurora tuner no fm with working AM, I have a set of electret headphones I don't use anymore, old cartridges just laying around I can't throw out...BAD records and crappy cd's I can't throw out...thread thin interconnects that came with cheap electronics that I hoard (why?).....a broken Monster XTerminator....help me....is there an audio psychiatrist out there? or an audio angel that could come in the middle of the night and spirit these useless things to their resting place??

That old Sansui tuner ain't half bad. I'm sure you could find it an appreciative home.
The old sansui tuners go for $150-$200 all the time on E-bay. They were not a bad sounding tuner and are still in demand even in todays market.
Marty, While the debate continues over our commen ancestral roots to the ape, I do know for absolute intuitive fact that we do have a common DNA strand with the pack rat. I believe it resides somewhere on the Y-chromosome.
Opposite effect: My friends GET all sorts of free or super cheap stuff from me passing along things I find, cheap, or I no longer want.
Dual TT, several that still bluebook for over $100.. like $7 or so.
A Marantz receiver 2270, $17.00 to a good home.
JBL speakers, the old good ones for $20 pair.
Latest NAD CD to replace a horrid Sanyo my friend got for free from some other friend... free too...
So maybe it IS in the genes... My double XX's must have a "do not hoard, but share" gene. :^)
As soon as I saw Elizabeth following me....I knew it would be clever.
I finally broke down and put some of it up for sale on Audiogon today. There is hope.
I was thinking about my last post, and I shall further indulge...

Actually, while the pack-rat DNA resides on the 'Y' chromosome, I do empirically know for an incontestable fact that the 'audiophile' DNA rests on the 'W' Chromosome, and that is is recessive.

This is true that, just like color blindness, the fellow with only one 'W' Chromosome that has the audiophile-tweak can't resist. But in the case of women it takes a pair of matching 'W-tweaked' recessive Chromosomes for it to appear.

After all, what else could possible explain it (us..)?
Well Marty.....there are worse pasttimes, you know. You could be a self destructive crackhead or worse!
BTW....speaking of pasttimes, I got into baseball card collecting for a coupla years. Talk about an addictive and useless hobby. Spent about $4000 and now I have cabinets full of the crap that's been there for about 10 yrs now! Wanna make a trade!?!? I'll trade ya my crap for your crap!
Actually, when I had my crack habit it was quite a bit cheaper than my audio habit. Reminds me of the plumber that came over last week to fix my sink. He hands me a bill and I look and say "Wait a second, this works out to $140.00 per hour, my Doctor only charges $115.00". He says, "Yea, that sounds about right, it's what I used to charge when I was a doctor." And my therapist thinks I'm sick.
Saw this thread and wondered if you have a volume pot for a Sherwood S-5000II integrated amp lying around in good working shape. Mine is worn out to the point where the volume fades in and out with the turn of the dial. I'm reaching here, but who knows...
Oh, so embarassing, I used to own one. Nice iron in that baby. Have you tried cleaning it with a spray contact cleaner, Tun-O-Wash or the like? I don't have a volume pot, but perhaps the value is printed right on the back of the pot. I think that it is a carbon pot anyway and, unless you are a sticler for authenticity, should be changed out for something less problematic, like a plastic conductive pot. The usual sources should have it, Mouser, Digi-Key, Parts Express, and it should be a no brainer to install. If in doubt, go to a good local service technician. They do this stuff all day and it should be very inexpensive.