What am I doing wrong? Can't find right CD player.

Hope you all can help me out. Here's my system: Rotel 200 watts/channel stereo amp, McIntosh preamp, McIntosh LS350 speakers. Now the problem. Up until a few weeks ago was using a MCD 7008 McIntosh CD player. Typical Mac warm sounding easy on ears but not much clear definition in high end. So I went out and bought a Sony 555ES. Well high ends are sharp as is mid range but bass is lacking. Also, I suspect listener fatgue will be a problem with this unit. Isn't there a 5 disc CD player that is a happy medium between these 2 units? I am really frustrated. Any suggestions? ps - CD player budget is $1500 max. Thanks
I haven't heard a multi-disc CDP that sounded any good, I suspect there's just too much vibrations emenating from the transport. I've listened to a lot of good single-disc CDP's in your price range, I happen to be a big fan of YBA players. Perhaps you should give up on a 5-disc and listen to some single-disc CDP's?
California Audio Labs CL-10...very nice sounding piece
You could add a seperate DAC to a disc changer and that might help (if it has a digital out). Multi disc players are intended more for convenience than audiophile sound.
Give the Sony a little more time to break in, if you haven't already. Put it on repeat continuously for a while (2-3 weeks). That's the first thing. If you still are not getting the bass you want, try some aftermarket power cords. Don't give up on the Sony too quickly.
I agree with Barrelchief on the CAL Audio CL-10 if you want a "one box" player, and Budrew when a CD changer is used only as a transport. I used a Sony CA9ES 5CD carosel player with an Adcom 600/700 DAC for several years and it was a very enjoyable combination.

Also, it seems apparent that you're "used to" the softer and relaxed sound of the McIntosh gear-- not a bad thing, but it sounds like you'd like a little more dynamic music? Good Luck. Craig
Another vote for CAL in general but agree with drubin that you really should finish burn-in and tweak the sony if you like what it IS doing so far. For me, power cable switches helped the bass on my player (ML390S) - I'll bet the Sony will strike a better balance with your system afterward too. Regardless, you can (hopefully) always use the power cord on your next one...

Good luck
another vote for the cal cl-10
Do you believe in cables? What are you using?
I have Mac gear for electronics and am very happy with the Cary 303 cd player. Used, it would be in your price range. It is a single player but I compared it the the Rotel, Linn, Meridian, and Rega players and it was the best player for the money.
Try an Anthem CD-1 ,if you can find one .It has
great resolution,staging and the added tube output,
so you can alter the sound with different tubes to suit
your liking.They are no longer in production but are
a steal used on A'gon for about $800.00 ,but they don't
seem to last very long.
It has a 6 disc stacker unit.Peter D.
thanks for all the responses. I like the term "dynamic" sound. that is what I am trying to get without brightness.
What do you all think of Jolida? I heard they offer a CD player with tubes. Thanks