What am for Definitive Tech. 7001sc's

I have a pair of def. tech 7001sc's and I'm using an Adcom 5500 to power them. I am very dissatsfied. Scratchy highs, lack of mid-range and very 2 dimensional. Any suggestions as to what would be a good match?
I was using a Plinius 9200 with my Def Tech BP 7000's to very good satisfaction. The 9200 is smooth refined and excellent on top and the midrange. You can find them for 2300 or less on Audiogon. I don't have experience with Adcom, however what I've read is that some of their models are not known for a smooth solid state presentation but more for edge, glare, and grit. Some here I'm sure would also blame your speakers since they're considered home theater speakers and poor music reproducers, however I've found that the better the electronics and front ends you match the Def Techs with, the more they shine. Another Audiogoner who I correspond with has an outstanding setup with his BP 7000's and he loves his 2 channel perfomance with them. Take a look at this:

I am wondering if you realize that your BP7001 as well as your Adcom amp require a break-in period. Normally I like to give my solid state equipment a minimum of 100 hours regardless what the manufactures recommend. The fact that your Def.Tech 7001 sound they way your described is probably due to the fact that you have not given them as well as the amp a good break-in period. Another thing that has a lot to do is that you should biwire your speakers. Having that cheap metal jumper between the highs and lows causes the speaker to sound bright and lack of midrange.Trust me I know that this is one of the main reasons when people purchase these speakers and they take them home they always end up making the same comments as you have. By experience removing those jumpers and biwiring is like taking your hands of someone's mouth so you can hear clearly what they are saying.
I have owned Definitve Technology Speakers for the past 4 years and currently I owned the BP7000SC and all I can tell you is that I can put my speakers against speakers costing up to three times as much because that's how sure I am of how good they sound.
A very good high end two channel amplifier that you should used with those speakers is the Parasound Halo A21. For what you paid for the Adcom you can get a used/mint condition Parasound Halo A 21 to go with the 7000's and I know that it will change your opinion about the speakers.The A21 is a very neutral,natural and with a lot of bass amplifier that will put those speakers to sound as if they were $5000.00 speakers. Also get a good pair of Biwire speaker cables. If you happen to be on a budget I will recommend to start with the Monster M2.4s.
When I received my new BP7000SC and after "BIWIRED THEM" I gave the speakers over 200 hours of break-in period.
I just finished purchasing a pair of Parasound Halo JC1 Monoblock amplifiers to go with the 7000's and I am currently giving them a 200+ hour break-in period as well.
As I have said don't be disappointed with your speakers because they are very good speakers. Try everything I have mentioned before and you will see that there will be a great difference in what the 7001 used to sound before as to how they will sound now. And most of all if you are like me that don't like bright sounding amplifiers give the Parasound Halo A21 a try. I was using it with the 7000's until I decided to feed them with Parasound's halo Top of the line Monoblocks.
Please keep me posted,

P.S. Thanks Foster for the input about my system
Thanks for the recommendation. I am currently looking for a Parasound Halo A 51 to pair with the 7001's. I plan on biwiring them and use the remaining channel to power my C/L/R 3000 center channel. Probably use the Adcom for the rears for now. Thanks again...I'll let you know how it works out!!

Hi Rick,

Please remember that the Parasound Halo A51 is a 5 channel amplifier. I think what you meant was that you will be looking for an A21 Stereo Amp for your BP7001. In my experience trying different 2 channel stereo amps, the A21 is the perfect match for your speakers.

Keep me posted of your upgrades,