What alignment method? Audio Technica ATPL120

One of VinylEngine's protractors is Technics specific. Because the Audio Technica ATPL120 is such a close Technics clone, should I use the Technics specific protractor? I don't know if they have the same mounting distance. Would Baerwald work too, or are you NOT supposed to use Baerwald on a Technics/ATPL120?

I promise I'll stop annoying y'all about this once this question is answered!
Download this tool:

Custom arc template generator for phono cartridge alignment (also prints strobe disks) V 1.08


I *believe* the Pivot-to-Spindle (P-to-S) distance for the AP PL-120 is 230 mm (but you should pull out a handy-dandy ruler to verify).

Enter that P-to-S distance into the tool linked above, select IEC to set your inner / outer groove radii, and "Lofgren A" (which some call "Baerwald").

Print out the template on a good sheet of photo paper, and re-verify the dimensions of the protractor with your handy-dandy ruler.

Use the help button and the readme.txt if you have any questions.
I couldn't get it to work :(

A better question is: Can I align the ATPL120 using Baerwald? Does anyone know, is this OK (as in it won't damage my vinyl)?
If it were my turntable, and especially if I established that the effective length of
the PL-120 is the same as the SL12x0, then I would definitely just use the
Technics protractor available on VinylEngine.

What kind of cartridge are you using? I don't think there's much chance of
damaging your records from incorrect overhang unless *maybe* you're using
one of those extra long, thin stylii, such as a Fritz-Geiger. If it's a basic elliptical
or MicroLine, you're probably safe, and if it's conical, you're almost certainly
Ortofon 2M Blue

By length, do you mean mounting distance? What exactly is mounting distance; how do I measure it?

Technics or Baerwald (or both) is the ultimate question...
For best alignment, Google Mint Tractor and they will custom build you a mirrored, very acurate alignment tool specific to your arm and table. I find this device far betters all the others.
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Ortofon 2M Blue

By length, do you mean mounting distance? What exactly is mounting
distance; how do I measure it?
The full specs for the
Technics SL12x0 turntables are available href=http://www.panasonic.com/consumer_electronics/technics_dj/prod_sp

I've scoured for equivalent specs for the PL120, including the downloadable
owner's manual, but AT has nothing to say about effective length or

On the Technics, effective length is 230 mm; overhang is 15mm. Effective
length is the distance from the tonearm's pivot point to the stylus when
properly aligned. For overhang: Swivel the tonearm to the spindle; overhang
is the distance between the center of the spindle and where the stylus should
be when properly aligned.

Therefore, on a Technics, the distance from the tonearm pivot to spindle
center is 215mm, and the overhang is an additional 15mm for a total
effective length of 230mm.

Measure your tonearm from its pivot point to the center of the spindle. If it is
215mm, you should get an excellent alignment from the Technics protractor.

And really, it's a subjective thing anyway. To align a cartridge, you have to
get the overhang to where the stylus hits the groove at a 90 deg. angle at
two points, called null points. Different alignment methods go for the null
points at different places along the record.

The thing about the Technics alignment is that it favors (so I've read) a more
accurate alignment toward the inner part of the record to minimize one of the
LP's more noticeable weaknesses--inner groove distortion. There should be
less of that with the Technics alignment. It works for me.

Oh, and since the Ortofon Blue is an elliptical stylus (great matchup, btw), the
alignment is going to be more forgiving than something like a Fritz-Geiger.

Either alignment should work OK. The downloadable protractors are free.
Try'em both and see if you notice any difference. I favor the Technics.