What after a Lyra Delos, if any ?

Hi all
I don't have vast experience with carts and I love my Lyra Delos MC cart. I've read here in A'gon that you have to climb very high in the Lyra chain to better the delos.
I don't even know to define if i'm missing anything but from anyone who had or still own the delos - which other cart did it for you and in which parameters ?
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
When reading again my post it seems as if I think it's the best cart in the world and I know it's probably not...
I love its musicality, bass extension and resolution.
So I wonder where else to look to get more from my analog rig within a budget of no more than $3k new or preowned.
Van Den Hul Colibri XGP Mk. 2 I loved my Delos too but the VDH took my rig to the next level of enjoyment. Better and more refined presentation.
I went from a Delos ($1300 at the time) to my now-current Ortofon Cadenza Black ($2700). The Ortofon is a better sounding cartridge but not 2X more - the Delos is a Best Buy to me
I'd be interested in reading how much better an AT Art-9 is than a Delos.
You mention the colibri - did you or anyone else compare it to benz lp-s which is a cart for me to consider ?

Sorry I cannot help you with that comparison. I agree with some of the other's comments regarding the Delos being a great cartridge and true bargain at $1650!
The AT ART9 is more neutral and has better flow than a Delos.
Pani ...

At your suggestion in a previous thread, I'm ordering my ART-9. I should have it in a couple of weeks.If it kills my OC-9 MK III as you said, it should be more than worth the money. I'll post the results as it breaks in. Thanks for the suggestion.
Oregonpapa, I am more eager than you to hear your reaction. Please decide which thread are you going to reply in.
I just got my new VDH colibri today from Stephan in holland. I paid 2k but I believe retail is closer to 10k so not really a fair comparison. So far I've only got 2.5 hours on it but it is definitely a hefty step up from the Delos. Ive had the delos for about 5 years so I know it well. I also got a audio quest nsx 7000 used this year that slightly edges out the Delos. Not sure if I would go used again though as I picked up a cartridge from grgaudio in California with supposedly only 300 hours. I think he forgot a 0 and he meant 3000. I can't even use it as it sounds like a popcorn popper. Off to sound smith.
Oregonpapa, I am VERY interested in your results with the ART-9. Please start a new thread with your ART-9 impressions.

What is the rest of your system?
Since my original question was taken to another side (no problem with that), I've opened another post on a comparison between VDH colibri and Benz lp-s.

ARC-CD7-SE (factory upgraded power supply)
Well Tempered TT & arm (original) modified.
Legacy Signature III's
Custom cables.
Tons of tweaks & room treatments.

I will start a new thread when the AT-ART-9 gets here.

Sorry ...didn't mean to highjack the thread.