What about Walker Omega Mikro cables vs. the pack?

Wondering in terms of transparency with primarily tube equipment how thw the Walker/Mappleshade designs stack up.I have a lot of respect for the Mappleshade recordings I have heard.Have past experience with MIT which I liked but seemed to midrange accentuated (think the blocks rolled off highs and lows therefore gave less info).Have heard middle range Cardas do some nice mellowing out of some Krell harshness on buddies rig.And beacuse of cost and involvement with musicians cables I am interested in JPS.Have a set of horns and a set of Gallo Ref's with Mesa baron and Kora pre but have thought about going speaker shopping.Am not interested in last degree but value and flexibity though do to impedance matching I know that I may noit be able to make decision until rig is finalized which it never seems to be.
I recently went through a cost no object search for digital cables. The Omega Miro Ebony Twin Tube LCX is absoltely the very best I have ever heard in digital cable. However, they retail for close to $1800. The cheaper D-4 digital cable was incrediblly musical though and while possibly not as refined as the Siltech, Nite, or Kharma the OM D-4 ceratinly had the superior toe-tapping PRaT thing going on and was a VERY good sounding cable from top to bottom being extremely neutral. That being said I do prefer my Pure Note ICs over the Omega Mikro A-V active ICs. THe Pure Notes have the detail of the OM w/ a bit fuller vocal presence and deeper bottom end while being nearly neck & neck in the speed and tightness departments. Never could get araound to hearing the top of the line OM Ebony interconnects though....however, I now own two one meter Ebony LCX DIGITAL cables nad will no doubt one day try them as ICs!