What about Wadia 15?

OK, i'm a french audiofan and i want to buy a good (as always) DAC with variable output (XLR). I can buy a DAX Decade with variable RCA output and a Wadia 15 with variable XLR output. What do you think about these DAC? May be i can try a 192Khz/24 Bits DAC, But i want to steel under 2000$ price. I should say something, my system: Quad ESL 63, Plinius SA250, Teac VRDS10 use as the drive, and an old french preamp SRPP Anzaï with a "gorgeous" phono stage. I'd rather to have a music lover sound better than a very chirurgical sound.
And what about the price of a Wadia 15?

Bordeaux FRANCE
Mr. Cartau I own a Wadia 8 transport and a Wadia 15i all moded by Gnsc audiogon member and am amazed a t what this front end can do!!. I think that you cannot go wrong with the 15 but you need a good transport with Att&t optical cable such as a Aural Symphonics to pull the best signal from it. These units make music of the highest order and are capable of superb resolution giving excellent soundstage and dynamics. I also drive my old MFA D75 with no preamp to get the best and purest signal from the Wadia 15i and run it balanced xlr. There was a 8 and a 15 forsale on the audiogon recently so try searching under wadia to see if it is available still since they are a matched pair. Please e-mail if you have any questions-Dennis