What about transducers in the Audio system?

I’d like to know the one Experience of using transducers in Audio system, like Sinergystic Research ECT. Do they really improve the quality of the sound?

They’re sold with a, "No-Risk", 30 day, satisfaction guarantee. Find out if they work for YOU(in your particular system/experiment). https://www.synergisticresearch.com/isolation/accessories/ect/
Oh yes, they work, big time. I've gotten very good consistent results in all the places they suggest. First one I decided to make it hard, put one on my turntable motor. Immediately noticed improved dynamics and detail along with a reduction in grain and glare and improved focus and depth of sound stage. Not a lot but I was quite frankly surprised to be able to hear it so easily considering this was just one. 

One by one I added them to my tone arm (two) turntable motor controller (one), Herron phono stage (two) and Melody integrated amp (three). Mine are all held using the white tack material they come with. Others have said they work even better with blu-tac or even hot glue. 

My system is also used for movies usually played off my MacBook Pro. When I tried one ECT on the MacBook the audio improved but the video improved even more, so much so my wife noticed immediately. Like going beyond HD to 4K or something, its not a minor thing, once you see it you do NOT want to go back! 

Synergistic PHT are equally good, although unlike the ECT which are very consistent and neutral in their effect the PHT come in different colors with the Black Widow and Green Dream being my favorites. Both are on my Koetsu.

Both ECT and PHT are very similar looking to HFT, which have the same effects only they are designed to be used on speakers and walls. They all look and seem to work about the same and with very close to the same effect, improved dynamics, detail, imaging, each one getting you just a little closer....

You can always send them back. I didn't like PHT Purple Haze, no problem, back it went. All the others though, would not want to be without them.