What about this stylus guage?

I've been looking around for a HIGH quality digital stylus force guage,accurate in 1/00's gm.I noticed in the analog,for sale, area of Audiogon,there is a guy "Mambo" who is selling a seemingly fabs scale for 75 bucks.The WINDS 1/100 scale is mega bucks(though my friend has one,and it IS fabulous).

I do notice that the scale sold by "Mambo" has a slightly elevated platform,meaning that one may have to lower the cartridge by hand,BOO! Also,I'm sceptical as to the quality of manufacture.I had a Cartridge Man Guage whose battery died,and though I got a new battery to put in,just feel that I no longer want to go through the motions of recharging,and finding the TINY sweet spot on the Cart.Man any longer!Although,you ultimately dial in by ear,it is important(to me) to know EXACTLY what weight my downforce is.Hundreths of a gram can really be audible on a High Res system.

Any thoughts would really be appreciated!!
I bought the Audio One Digital STYLUS PRESSURE GA ( the .01 gm version) sold here on AgoN by 'Audioparts' (a member) at auction for $157. I don't recall the retail price. But it works great, and has a little drop-down ledge where you put the stylus so that it's very close to its actual position on the record. That's important when you have a tonearm like an SME where the actual force is applied with an internal spring. It comes with calibrating weight and seems to give consistent readings regardless of its position on the platter or the stylus' position on the gauge. It uses a couple of easily replaceable, longlasting hearing aid batteries.
I 2nd the Audio One digital guage. Its fast,easy and accurate. I compared to all my standard guages and reference Winds and it is dead on accurate as any. It also includes a reference calibration weight ( as mentioned). Non magnetic materials, so no worry of coil interaction.
Nsgarch,now I know why Ive warned my kids that they may have to name one of my future grandchildren after you.Firstly,if you had not been so helpful with my Tranny's set-up I would not even be re-tuning my,already incredibly upgraded performance,analog rig,and,I'm embarrassed to admit that I have been at this hobby for 37 years,and thought I knew a good bit.Ha!

I see that it IS VERY IMPORTANT to dial pressure from the record height,for accuracy.The guage you like lists for 219.00 and looks great.Do you know where it is made?Also,does it seem to have a good degree of fit,and finish?

It does look like the, other, 75 dollar guage,that got me thinking,was designed for jewelry weighing(or illegal drugs,ha ha.Just kidding)since the weight platform is too high as compared to dedicated audio varieties.Though it's probably a nice little unit.

I AM very interested in the one you recommended,due to a 2 year warranty,and the seemingly specific design for audio applications.I,as a curiosity,would like to know where it was manufactured,if you know,and knowing you're predeliction for small details,you probably do!

As for the WINDS guage,I love the unit my friend brought over to my house.It is made to a VERY high standard,which is always a priority of mine,whenever I do anything audio.I was considering putting beans on the table for a few weeks,in order to go for a WINDS guage,but you have a really good track record,so I have to look at this little cutey, of a guage, rather seriously.

As for the seemingly fine Clearaudio guage,I dislike ANYTHING from this OVERPRICED company,and don't trust their pricing of products.

Oh,yeah!Took a look at your system.Very intelligent set-up!!You seem to be very secure,in component choices,and don't seem to be fooled by the "LATEST" has to be "BEST" attitude.Which I and my little audio group adhere to.Love the Sub/tower with the Martin Logan "CLASSIC's".My friend Sid Marks(yes it's the original,and I mean ORIGINAL,one)has kept his 22 year old Infinity RS-1's(though highly modded)because he strongly feels,and I'm not going to argue with him,that this type of 4 tower set-up,with the woofs on the outside has not been bettered(in terms of recreating a lifelike presentation)yet.If you heard his FANTASTIC sounding system,you'd agree.Anyway,thanks for all you've already informed me of!!
Speedy -- Stu Wein is the owner of Audioparts:

audioparts@adelphia.net or check out his website at:


I should mention that the gauge I bought actually measures in increments of 0.05 gms. In other words, if you wanted to adjust a VTF in the range from say 1.8 gm to 2.0 gm, you would be able to set 1.8, 1.85, 1.90, 1.95, 2.0. I think that's plenty good enough for a Tranfiguration cartridge because the coil is so fully immersed in the magnetic field to begin with. Something like a Colibri, where the VTF is critical for the coil finding just the right "sweet spot" in the tiny magnetic field available, might need a finer sensitivity.

The fit and finish is definitely not shoddy, but not jewelry either. The little offset measuring platform I mentioned, seems to have been added by Audioparts to a stock electronic scale, but works very nicely.
I bought one from Mambo, it is a jewelry scale, reguires a small stand to bring it up to platter height which he has a self build description he will e-mail you. works well!!
He is selling different scales with different weight adjustments.
BTW there is a company called "Save on Scales" and you can (for $32) buy the basic scale (JENNINGS CREDIT CARD J-SCALE CC-100) without the offset shelf, which I believe Audioparts uses to make their product. Go to:


Thanks for the link - currently out of stock.

Metralla, did you check out some of their other 1/100 gram pocket scales? Most are under $100 and many measure in .01 gm increments.

Nsgarsh,Kehut,Just ordered the Digi-One you guys recommended.Thanks!!PS-It was 175.00 shipped!!