What about the Teres Turntable?

Okay, you guys, I know I said that I was going to stick with SACD and never go back to analog. That was last month. This month I can't live without it anymore. I am going to buy an analog setup. My M.O. is to buy the best sounding gear at the lowest price possible by searching out the lesser known "gems" that many others pass over. This Teres turntable seems like it has all the right stuff, and comes as a simple kit. The reviews say it's in the league with the TNT, Clearaudio, Verdier and other $6k-$10k tables. The good news is it is only $1350-$2500 for the kits(less arm). A lesser table, the Scheu designed Eurolab, won TAS golden ear award last year. All the guys at the Vinyl Asylum say the Teres is much better than the Eurolab. What do any of you guys know about the Teres, or the others like Redpoint or Eurolab? Are there any other world class tables out there that are in that kind of price category that I am missing? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not trying to talk you out of this turntable, but if you are looking to compete in "best sounding" category, then I tend to agree with Jean. I think you will have to go with the wood shot filled base and a nice arm. That will raise the price of the table setup considerably.

I have read about this table and I think you are making a good choice. I like the fact that Teres uses a DC motor and a nice quality bearings.

Without complicating things too much I would suggest that you also look at the Michell Orbe SE Mk II table. It's very well made, uses a high quality DC motor/PS, and an excellent bearing.

The main difference between the two is that the Michell uses a suspended subchassis that is also damped for isolation while the Teres uses mass loading.

Good luck.