What about the Tannoy Revolution XT 8F reviews

Recently this speaker is getting good audio press. Would those that have heard them agree?
I agree with the reviews to a point, that they're a good value and have a nice midrange presentation. However I find the highs to be a little dry sounding and the bass a bit too boomy. A nice speaker for the money though, nothing is perfect especially in that very competitive price range.
I recently purchased a pair of Tannoy XT-8Fs from Audio Revelation (on Audiogon), to replace a very old pair of Acoustat 2+2 electrostatics. In summary:

Imaging is outstanding; better than any cone driver speaker I’ve ever heard, and even better than the electrostats (and that is really saying something). Very cohesive sound. Micro details are resolved well (but perhaps not world class). Bass is full and natural and slightly warm and not boomy at all in my large 20’ x 22’ room. Response drops quickly below 60 hz, which is where I’m crossing over to the subs. Midrange/vocals are slightly recessed but natural sounding. Mid/upper treble is slightly forward and dry, perhaps the speaker’s weakest area tonally, but given the overall sound and performance, it’s a minor issue for me, and if you have tone control ability (I’m using a NAD 390DD which does) a one or two db reduction around 6K-8K makes it perfect for me and the speakers are suddenly magic. Overall quite musical and satisfying to listen to. They consistently make me smile when I’m in the listening chair, which is the ultimate determiner for me. So I’m keeping them.

As an aside, I had an issue with one of the drivers in one speaker, and the dealer (Jay at Audio Revelation) went above and beyond to take care of me and make everything right for me. The kind of service you always hope for but too often don’t get. Highly recommended!