What about the Hales Transcendence 5's

I never read or hear anything on the hales T5's. There's some posts on the T8's and Rev3's but nothing on the T5's. Any opinions would be appreciated.I've got a pair OF T5's and I think they're decent but I'm curious on peoples opinions.
I do remember,just from the review, they said the 5's weren't all that much better than the 3's. I have heard good things about the 8's.
The T5 is a very musical speaker. I use a pair in my office system. Tried them at home in my large room, but preferred the T-8s at home. I also have 5 T-3s that I use for surround sound. The T-5 goes deeper than the T-3. I compared the T-5s to Dunlavy 4A's and preferred the T-5. You've got a great little speaker!!!
If I recall, the T5 got a bad rap for poor integration between the woofer and the midrange. I heard it driven by a huge Theta amp and Naim CD. That aluminum midrange is very immediate, resolved and open; practically electrostatic. The speaker was a bit bass-shy in that room, and ultimately a little dry and clinical for my taste. A sonically excellent speaker, to be sure. I might have warmed them up with some tubes in the chain, perhaps.
You might want to read Fred Kaplan's review of the T5 in the Absolute Sound. I think it's issue 125. He found none of the problems listed above, and I know Fred, professionally speaking. He's an extremely perceptive reviewer. It seems unlikely that he would adopt the T5 as his reference if had any significant issues or "integration" problems.