What about the Belles SA-100?

This is what I read on a UK website on the Belles SA-100 amplifier:
'SA-100 represents one of the most musical and involving amplifiers available on the market today at virtually any cost. The musical cohesion and captivation this amplifier generates is quite astonishing whilst giving you all the detail and nuances that complete the music.'
It also says somewhere it was inspired by the DarTZeel NHB-108 power amplifier.

I must admit this amp is pretty good, and so I am wondering why, in contrast to the SA-30 or 350A, there aren't any user reviews of this amplifier available. Are there any users of the SA-100 on this forum?
I agree the quality of watts also matters. However I have read somewhere that the 8ohms power figures for the SA-100 are close to 258Wrms. I am using Audio Physic Calderas. At first I was not too impressed with this amp, as compared to my previous one it sounded dark and less detailed than I was used to (and was expecting). I got in touch about this with Mr. Belles and the distributor, they both were surprised somewhat and confirmed the long break-in time. They were right of course, great soundstage, deep bass, detailed, and the match with my speakers is excellent now. And it is still getting better every day. I listen to different kinds of music, including rock music, small combo jazz and classical chamber music. The Belles SA-100 is perfect for all of this.
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Old discussion, but hopefully I can get some input, wondering if a Belles sa-100 would play well with a Vincent SA-7 pre amp, my speakers are Graham Audio LS 5/9, are they quiet in operation, and do one get good insight into the music, with good micro detail and timbre?
What preamps are you guys using with Belles power amps?
Jeff Rowland Capri preamp