What about Room Lens of different sizes?

I have seen the real Room Lens and I have seen copies and I think they could be very easy to make. However, this brings a question to mind. What about Room Lens clones of different sizes? What would be the effect of having 4, 5, or even 6 tubes in a row? What about making them smaller or taller? Or maybe a thicker tube? Are Room Lens most effective in their original configuration?
I tried a 10 foot long 6 inch snake with two elbows. They did have a more profound effect, but presently I have them in my storage room. Their effect is at a lower frequency, of course, so it would depend on what you are attempting to accomplish.

At one time I had fourteen room lens, typically in used in pairs behind the speakers, at first reflection, and behind me. They too are mainly in the storage room as I now use two pairs of Hallograms from Shatki.