What about power for Vandersteen 2 speakers?

I have three amps I can use, 50w YBA, 100w Krell and 200 wpc Rotel. I listen to jazz in a small room and as long as I don't get silly with the volume the smallest amp sounds the best. I know Vandersteen rates the speaker between 40-160w but it works fine with the 50w YBA amp. Is it better to use more power or should I stick with the better sounding YBA?
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Why not just use the one that sounds best to YOU? YOU are the one listening to it. YOU need to make the decision for YOUrself. Notice the emphasis on YOU? Sorry if this pisses you off but it's the best answer as far as I'm concerned.
Tpreaves, YOU forgot to put YOUr last YOU in upper case. Tho, I fully agree with YOU!! nice:)
Dammit man,I did forget!!!!!!
I would focus on the YBA and the Krell. I have had best results with Vandersteen 2's using high quality tube and solid state amplifiers in the 60 watt range.
According to Richard Vandersteen himself, too much power is much less harmful than too little power. Just use common sense and don't overdrive them. I've been using a 300 watt adcom amp on my vandy 2's for years and they sound wonderful. I would just try all three and pick whichever one sounds the best to you.
Those are three different sounding amplifiers. No doubt you will find one that suites your taste better than the others. There is no short cut other than try all three amps and pick your favorite.
Use what sounds best to you. As for me, I think the Vandy's benefit from some extra power, but I'm not listening to your rig.
Ditto everyone else, with the caveat that if you find you are pushing the volume setting up very high on the lower-powered YBA, be careful you are not clipping the amp, which is what Richard was warning about.
50 watts does fall between the 40-160 watt range Vsndersteen recommends.

If you like the YBA best, keep using it IMO. It's stupid to let others tell you something's better. If you want more power and the YBA sound, and you've got extra money to burn, buy a more powerful YBA.
Actually it's 50 wpc so I'm within the Vandersteen guidelines. I would love to sell my YBA and Krell and buy a YBA 2 HCDT amp. They rate it at 70 wpcbut it's high current and sounds better than my YBA 3 on the Vandersteens.
If you have the means or can borrow a Tube amp to test with, you may be pleasantly surprised with what you are going to hear. I ran 2CEs with both SS and Tubes and always felt that tube amps gave them the midrange and stage that made them seem like much larger speakers. Sure, unless you get a larger tube amp the bass may fall off a bit but the midrange quality makes up for it in pleasure of listening. I compensated for the bass db loss by placing them just a bit closer to the front wall. Or, you can add an economical sub and cross it over around 40hz to give your system full body without being boomy.

Hope this helps... Vandi 2s are keepers. :)
You just need to play and see what you like. My favorite amp with out breaking the buget was the quicksilver v4 for that speaker. I used that amp wit hthe 3 the 3 an the 5a. it was the one piece of equipnemtn I was satified with. I did originally have rca and did upgrade to balanced, I recomend the balance.